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The Five Lifestyle Rules that Guarantee Longevity Revealed

New Delhi, Nov 2 (ANI) : A new research has observed that there are simple five lifestyle rules that add years to one's life. The five rules include regular exercise, sensible eating, maintaining a healthy weight, minimal alcohol consumption and no smoking which guarantees longevity.Long life may seem obvious and should definitely be encouraged but in an age of technology and breathtaking medical advances we have lost sight of the much more obvious and simpler fact that a healthy, active lifestyle is more powerful than any drug in preventing ill health and increasing life expectancy. Nov 3, 2014
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SIT chief Justice M B Shah on PM Modi's statement on black money

New Delhi, Nov 2 (ANI): Reacting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's radio address, where he spoke about bringing back black money stashed abroad, SIT chief on black money Justice M B Shah said that it's good for country to bring back the money but as of now nobody knows how much can be brought back. He also added that the names of those holding illegal accounts abroad cannot be made public as there are policies that cannot be breached. Nov 3, 2014
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Politicos react on Modi's Radio address

New Delhi, Nov 2 (ANI): The BJP on Sunday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi who once again claimed that his government would leave no stone unturned in bringing back the black money stashed abroad, in his address on AIR. However, opposition leaders claimed that Modi avoids tough questions from media and his government is taking steps in the black money case only under the pressure of the Supreme Court. Nov 3, 2014
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Curfew in Kashmir ahead of Muharram processions

Srinagar, Nov 02 (ANI): The state government in Jammu and Kashmir, on Sunday (November 02), imposed curfew in several parts of the region ahead of Muharram processions. Security personnel manned the streets in main city of Srinagar to prevent any mishap. Since 1989, Muharram processions have been banned in Srinagar after a pro-independence revolt started in Kashmir. Only small mourning rallies and processions are allowed in selected areas with limited Shi’ite populations. Every year, Muslims mourn the tragedy of Karbala on the occasion of Moharram. Nov 3, 2014
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UN demands civilian transfer in Burkina, as demos erupt

A UN envoy called Sunday for a civilian transition in Burkina Faso after the ouster of president Compaore. The country prepared for another day of mass protest as leaders challenged moves by the military to step into the power vacuum. Duration: 01:43 Nov 2, 2014
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Romania PM casts vote in presidential election

Prime Minister Victor Ponta looked set to win the first round of presidential elections in Romania Sunday, despite fears he could reverse reforms aimed at tackling the rampant corruption that blights one of Europe's poorest countries. Duration: 01:22 Nov 2, 2014
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Peshmerga in Kobane fire rockets at IS targets

Smoke is seen rising from the battleground Syrian border town of Kobane amid shelling and gunfire just days after Peshmerga forces arrived to reinforce fighters pushing back against Islamic State militants. Duration: 00:40 Nov 2, 2014
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Zambians pay respects to late president Sata

Zambians formed long lines on Sunday to pay last respects to their late president, Michael Sata, who died in London last week aged 77 while undergoing treatment for an undisclosed illness. Duration: 00:45 Nov 2, 2014
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Annual Pushkar fair attracts tourists in Rajasthan

Pushkar, Nov 03 (ANI): Tourists from across the world flocked the annual Pushkar fair in Rajasthan. The week-long fair, which began on Friday displayed several art and craft stalls that attracted scores of tourists. People enjoyed folk dances and performance by caparisoned camels. People took camel rides and participated in events like cattle exhibitions, camel show along with other games. A local, Ashok Pank said that the festival is organised by Department of Tourism every year and gives a fillip to the industry. The Pushkar town was transformed into fair ground with rows of makeshift tents selling mouth-savouring delicacies. According to Hindu calendar, the annual fair takes place on the eighth month of the year. It offers a lifetime experience for tourists which also attract hundreds of animal buyers. Nov 2, 2014
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Politicos lash out at Robert Vadra for attacking ANI journalist

New Delhi, Nov 2 (ANI): Political leaders on Sunday continued to lash out at businessman Robert Vadra for misbehaving with a reporter. On Saturday, Vadra lost his temper and pushed the ANI reporter's mic away, when asked a question about the land deal scam. Vadra and his security guards also threatened the reporter and asked him to turn off his camera at a private event held at the Ashoka Hotel. Nov 2, 2014
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Antique submarines still key to struggling Taiwan fleet

At 70 years old, Taiwan's World War II-era "Hai Pao" submarine would not be out of place in a museum, but the antique vessel is still part of the navy -- a sign of the island's ongoing struggle to strengthen its fleet. Duration: 00:46 Nov 2, 2014
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Hartmut Richter - a hero of the former GDR

In 1966, he successfully fled from East Berlin to West Berlin, having returned many times to help other citizens of the German Democratic Republic escape. In 1975, he was arrested by border police and spent five years in prison. Duration: 01:02 Nov 2, 2014