Sivaji Raja and Naresh
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Sivaji Raja, the president of Movie Artiste Association (MAA), reportedly threatened Naresh saying that he would move court if he holds the swearing-in ceremony before March 31.

The elections for the governing body of the MAA was held in Hyderabad a week ago. Sivaji Raja and Naresh's panels fought the polls as if they were contesting Assembly elections. Naresh's panel finally emerged victorious and is now planning to take oath. But the fight between the two groups took an ugly twist a week after the election with Sivaji Raja not allowing Naresh to take his oath till March 31.

It is reported that newly elected MAA president Naresh decided to conduct the swearing-in ceremony of his panel on March 22. When he was busy making arrangements, the team has received an objection from Sivaji Raja, who warned against taking the oath before March 31, which happens to be his last day in office as the MAA president.

Along with his new panel members Jeevitha and Rajasekhar, Naresh held a press conference on Saturday to reveal the reason for holding the swearing-in ceremony early. "We were planning to conduct the ceremony on March 22 because it's an auspicious day, after which the next one, the Ugadi festival, comes much later," Deccan Chronicle quoted the actor as saying.

Naresh said that another reason for it is the delay in the renewal of MAA members' insurance policies, which might lead to repercussions. He added, "Also, there's a lot of paperwork to be completed with respect to MAA's pension and welfare schemes and insurance policies. It is very unfortunate that Mr Sivaji Raja said that he will move the court if we conduct the ceremony before March 31."

Now, Naresh has decided to seek the support of senior industry members. He said, "It is morally incorrect on Sivaji Raja's part to ask me not to take the oath. However, with regards to the swearing-in ceremony, we are happy to follow the instructions of the elders from the MAA and the film industry."