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With the advancement of science and technology, as tempting and convenient as the idea of going under the knife to fit one's features according to their wishes sounds, there's always something to learn from almost every single procedure gone wrong.

And after the woman whose butt implants nearly cost her life, here's this other unfortunate lady who decided to get one of the most common cosmetic procedures — a rhinoplasty, or a nose job — and the outcome was far from satisfactory.

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The woman's botched nose job left her with a silicone implant bulging from underneath her nostrils. Despite having sought professional help from experts in Thailand's capital Bangkok, where she was offered surgery by the medics at the Natchaya Clinic — that too pro bono — this just goes further to prove that cheaper offers are almost never safe.

She has chosen to stay unnamed and also opted for not disclosing the people responsible for the surgery going horribly wrong, but a report suggested it was a cheap, unlicensed business.

Photos of the woman's botched nose job have surfaced on the internet. The nose can be seen with the bubble at the tip — which was later revealed to be actually the silicone implant — right beneath her nose.

Fortunately, the surgeons at Natchaya Clinic were more than ready to help her and have since removed the entire implant from her nose. It was done by pulling the silicone out of the open area. The procedure, just a few minutes long, promises to have face-saving results once she recovers.

The doctors in charge have also repeatedly recommended and urged patients seeking cosmetic surgery to undergo procedures from licensed establishments only.

Just last month, another Thai woman had made news after she revealed her similarly botched nose job. It caused major inflammation on her face and also resulted in the silicone implant sticking out from between her eyes.

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Her story was the same when it came to correctional surgery as she received it free of charge, but that shouldn't seem like the reason every time a cosmetic procedure goes wrong.

Body positivity and self-acceptance should be the goals when it comes to society's unreasonable beauty standards, but in case one absolutely cannot do without going under the knife, considering registered establishments should be a must!