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Be it the world famous human Barbie, who removed pairs of ribs to resemble the iconic doll, or the David Beckham fan who almost died from multiple surgeries to look like his idol – people's obsession with cosmetic surgeries and nip-and-tucks when it comes to their body is ever-soaring.

Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and lip plumping are just so last-decade now that a whole new bizarre group of plastic surgeries have taken over the trends.

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Australian cosmetic surgery nurse and Trusted Surgeons founder Nicole Montgomery decided to enlighten the world about the weirdest places she has seen people get procedures done.

Her observations – as she shared with Daily Mail Online – are sure to shock you!


As the name suggests, this is the art of acquiring fake dimples on one's face. The procedure is minimally invasive and leaves no visible scarring.

With just a small incision made on the inside of the cheek, a small stitch is used to create the dimple, which will be seen only when the person is smiling.


If you lack the firm determination or the energy to hit the gym for hours and put months of effort into perfectly-toned six pack abs, then this is your one-stop solution.

Also known as ab-etching, the procedure is quite similar to a regular liposuction. It starts by flattening out the stomach, followed by etching outlines in order to create that perfectly-sculpted-abs look.

Despite this being one of the most advanced liposuction techniques, Nicole believes it's proving to be more and more popular among people looking for the easiest way to their pack-goals.


Believe it or not, some people are overly self-conscious when it comes to their belly buttons.

Nicole shared there are two kinds of people — "innies", or people whose belly buttons invert, and "outies", who have tiny protrusions on their belly buttons.

She said: "Being an innie myself, I assume this is what normal people have. So, for me, it's not so weird for people with outies trying to join the innie camp. Outside of the obvious aesthetic look, it turns out (pardon the pun) that a lot of outie belly buttons are small umbilical hernias.

The procedure is called "umbilicoplasty" and is for people seeking a more "aesthetically pleasing innie".

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Forget coloured contacts, because eye-implants are the new in-thing — all set to enable you to change your eye colour permanently. Just get the silicone-based implant into the eye!

Also, if the struggles of fake lashes are getting too much to handle, or you want to have au-naturel thicker lashes, Nicole claims eyelash transplant is a viable option, too.

"This hair transplant gives back your youthful look but does come at a price. Normal hair follicles continue to grow and need to be trimmed regularly. Curling may also be required."


Mostly common among Asian people, this procedure is designed to make patients look more "bright-eyed" by creating eyes that appear larger and more feminine.

One of the major benefits of this procedure, Nicole claimed, is that it opens up the eyes, making application of make-up much easier.


For those craving more youthful-looking knees, this procedure removes loose saggy skin. The remaining skin is stitched back tightly together, like a tummy tuck.

The only issue is the scar it leaves behind, which remains forever under the knee and can be hidden only by the regular wearing of super high knee socks.


This is all about the extremes, Nicole pointed out. As bizarre as the concept of tongue splitting seems, it splits the tongue to give it a snake or lizard-like appearance. And yes, people apparently crave the look!

"Part of its popularity comes about from it easily being hidden away, and the surgery is quick and simple. When you get bored of this modification, it's easily reversed," Nicole said.

Permanently pointed ears resembling an elf or a pixie is also a thing now, apparently. The procedure involves taking a small wedge out of the ear and sewing the remaining edges together.

And as Nicole claimed, certain people, especially those from Japan, are all about writing their own destiny – literally – with the help of having their palm lines modified to suit their pursuits.


Probably the most bizarre one of all, this Botox for the scrotum is a procedure meant to smoothen out all skin surrounding the area, making it seem larger, Nicole explained.

"Personally, I struggle to see someone getting this, but some people go to the extremes for beauty," she concluded.