silicon valley bank
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Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which is part of the Silicon Valley Bank Financial Group, will soon be hiring at least 200 people in Bengaluru in the next 18 months. SVB is one of the largest banks in the US and has invested in over 30,000 start-ups.

The Bengaluru branch -- SVB Global Services India LLP -- will house the technical and engineering teams. It will also help with digitising SVB. According to PTI, SVB Global Services India LLP will be a non-banking branch of SVB Financial Group.

"We are constantly growing and evolving in support of our innovative clients. SVB's ability to scale and build the services our clients need requires a large pool of skilled engineering and technical talent. Bangalore is filled with talented technical professionals who can complement our teams in the US as we develop new financial solutions fitting high-growth, disruptive companies around the world," said Robin Staples, the Chief Technology Officer of Silicon Valley Bank.

Robin added that SVB will hire full-time engineers, system architects, and analysts by 2019 and wants them to work with their colleagues in the US to help make the company grow and clientele increase with new technology and also expand its base.

The bank operates from 29 offices in the US and has operations in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Herzliya Pituach, London and Frankfurt.