Kannada movie Moksha
Kannada movie Moksha.PR Handout

How many times a day does an average techie think of quitting everything and pursuing his/her dream? Beginning with having to work on weekends to sacrificing festive holidays and seeing colleagues and friends satisfying their #WanderLust abroad, when you can't even afford to plan a proper trip to Goa? It can be pretty frustrating.

No one really wants to work a thankless 9-to-5 job and listen to their boss vent on them, helplessly. But hey, how many of us are actually ballsy enough to actually work towards our happiness, than to hopelessly wait for the "right time"? Some of us want to travel the world, some of us want to be a professional tattoo artist, some of us wants to be a  chef and some of us probably want to be a stand-up comedian. There's one thing that binds us all and which is common among all of us? We're all sitting in similar cubicles.

The story of Samarth Naik is inspiring because he took the leap of faith. A leap that can work for anyone, if you're willing to take the risk. What did Samarth do? He's passionate about films. He wanted to become a filmmaker. And so he quit his job, started his own ad agency and made a name for himself. Sure, it was difficult at first, but he made it through!

Now, his ad agency SGN Entertainment is venturing into film production and has produced Moksha, which is written and directed by Samarth Naik himself. It is a revenge thriller with twists and turns. 

Moksha is all set to release in March.