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Ripped jeans have been in trends and are worn by quite a number of people, but shoppers are shocked after Fashion Nova, a popular apparel company revealed their Wild Thang Lace Up Pants.

Not only is the name a mouthful, the style is also way more daring than ripped jeans and shoppers are not being able to understand what the makers were thinking.

The pants feature white strings crisscrossing all the way up to the waist and patches of denim clothes covering the groin area and back of the legs.

The pants retailed for £36.40 ($66), while a normal denim pants cost somewhere between $18 to $20.

Fashion Nova shared a picture of Wild Thang Lace Up Pants on Instagram with the caption: All Tied Up❤. However, not everybody appreciated the product.

Though the post has received 131,743 likes at the time of writing the article, many criticized how weird the pants look. While one user wrote: "A sore sight for my eyes", another person commented: "Lol I'm sorry but these are not "pants".

Another user said how wearing only underwear is same as wearing these pants. "LOOOOOOL omg hell no I can just walk around with underwear and it will do the job," wrote the user.

Also, another user jokingly said: "make a trap door to easily pee out of and I might consider these."

Bizarre fashion is not something new. Recently a new hair trend "prism roots" turned heads. Created by St. Louis-based colorist Kristina Cheeseman, the style is all about highlighting the roots. The color gradient starts with red and then goes onto yellow, aquamarine and purple, repeating the pattern as the shades get lighter near the ends.