Ripped Jeans
[Representative Image]Pixabay

A Japanese designer has taken the ripped jeans fashion to the extreme. Designer Meiko Ban came out with the bizarre denim design – the naked pair of jeans – at the Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo and that raised quite a few eyebrows.

"Thong jeans" or Thibaut jeans, the most scandalous fashion trend, was unveiled at the fashion week as a part of the brand's Spring Summer 2018 collection. The fashion show saw a model walking down the ramp wearing the jeans that exposes entire bum. The front and rear material of the jeans is completely removed leaving just the seams.

The model wore the Thibaut jeans with a nude bodysuit, which was completely visible under the naked pair of jeans, and trainers. The jeans, which consist only of waistband, seams, and cuffs, are not available for purchase.

This latest bizarre trend has certainly not impressed social media users and fashion critics.

Frankie Graddon, a fashion writer, questioned about the state of clothing.

"The arrival of thong jeans (jongs?) got me thinking about the state of clothing today," Graddon wrote for The Pool. "Perhaps I'm just feeling old and cranky but I am getting increasingly frustrated when, halfway through a shop, I pick up a seemingly fabulous dress/shirt/jumper to discover that, oh! There's a giant hole in it – usually where an element of my underwear should be. Why is that? Who wants this?"

Graddon feels "frustrated" with the new trend and even Twitter users are not pleased. The thong jeans are termed as the "ugliest thing" on the social media platform.

This is not the first time a bizarre style of pants sent internet into the frenzy. "Invisible jeans" worn by Kendall Jenner, Topshop's "suspender jeans" and Alexander McQueen's 1993 "bumster" jeans were among a few bizarre styles that baffled fans as well as fashion critics.