Women's ability to fake orgasms is no hushed secret. Over the years, as discouraging as it might seem, it has come to be an established phenomenon, to the point where men have developed a firm belief that women's orgasms are just a myth.

But amidst all that confusing theory, a little-known fact also needs to be addressed. Men fake their orgasms too!

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As surprising and seemingly impossible as that might sound, men have mastered the art of just getting it over with – and sometimes to soothe their partner's ego – just the way women are known to.

Back in 2015, a poll run by Cosmopolitan reported that 67% of women admitted to faking their orgasms. And now, sex and relationship blogger Oloni, in her YouTube series Street Sex, decided to ask unsuspecting passers-by if they thought men fake their orgasms, and the answer was in a whopping number of yes.

And frequently too, at that. But why? And more importantly, how can a man fake it and go unnoticed?

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As per a research conducted by the University of Kansas, about one in four guys have faked orgasm during vaginal sex. And as upper the hand men have when it comes to the orgasm in hetero-sex – that is, how easy and uncomplicated it is for them, what exactly urges them to fake it?

According to the research, men fake their orgasm for reasons that are seemingly similar to why women do it. Avoid upsetting their partner, wanting them to feel good about their skills in bed are the biggest reasons. Others being stress, exhaustion, alcohol and drug consumption.

The study also reveals that society's understanding of female vs male orgasm is also partly to blame as a lot of men fake it to feel 'normal'. And along the lines of the majority of responses in Oloni's video, writing for, Olivia Cassano conducted a Reddit user-based study where men were asked to reveal how or why they faked an orgasm.

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The responses varied in their levels of logic and hilarity, from "My knee hurt like hell, I was way too drunk and close to puking, and I really just wanted to go to sleep" to "Because sometimes you just want it to be over so you can do something else."

"Not really sure what happened, but as we were having sex I just suddenly completed lost interest and could feel myself starting to lose my erection... didn't want to turn it into a whole thing, so I pretended like I was cumming and quickly afterwards buried the condom at the bottom of the trash can," admitted another kind soul.

"After about 10 minutes of mediocrity, I just pumped really hard and fast a few times, inhaled deeply and pumped slowly like five times then bounced," shared another, who believed "there was no sexual chemistry whatsoever and [he] just kinda gave up."

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Another rather creative individual explained to Olivia how easy it is to pull off a fake orgasm. "Just moan a bit harder and fake a spasm. It's really easy if you're wearing a condom. The only time I faked it bareback was during doggy, so I spat on her. In the heat of the moment, it's easy to get away with it."

As varied and compromising the situations might be, seems only fair enough for men to just get it over with. And while pretending isn't the ultimate good or bad thing, there are of course alternative ways to ensure not reaching that point.

A change in position, or openly communicating what is not working might save a lot of unnecessary hurt sentiments, especially save you the ordeal of convincing them that what's not working, is actually all good because you reached a secret fake big-O!