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It has been observed by experts that one out of eight couples finds it difficult to conceive. According to studies, environmental factors and genetics play a major role in conceiving

Experts reveal various tips which can help couples to increase their chances of conceiving. 

Enjoy yourself while having sex  

"Sexual procreation is really bad for sex, it can really kill a couple's romance, so they need to make sure that they focus on pleasure and not pressure,' to make a baby" Dr Kingsberg,  a psychologist at University Hospitals in Ohio who specializes in sex and reproductive therapy, was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

Men get especially affected by what's called 'tonight's the night' effect according to Dr Kingsberg. The pressure to conceive on men makes them stressed. Though the research establishing the link between stress and fertility has to be defined clearly, as experts say that being tense is one of the reasons that affect the chances of conceiving.

Women are also get affected by stress too; it affects the hormones in the body, resulting in impaired ovulation.

Involve in foreplay and cuddling during sex  

The pressure on men who are trying to impregnate their partners affects their erection. Foreplay could help in keeping the men in the right mood.

Women putting their legs up in the air during sex doesn't really help but cuddling for a few minutes after sex might, said Dr Brooke Rossi, an endocrinologist.

Do not have sex twice in an hour

A 2015 study revealed that if a man has sex for the second time in an hour, it can result in tripling the odds and hinder conceiving.

"A woman's chances of getting pregnant went from six to 21 percent when a sample of her partner's second ejaculate in an hour was used for artificial insemination," a UK research which involved 73 couples revealed.

According to most of the experts, if men have sex very often, their sperm count will tend to fall which again reduces the chances of making his partner pregnant.