AIDS Epidemic Could End by 2030, UN Official Says

Aids can be defeated by the year 2030, a top UN official said at a press conference on Thursday. Medical science has made great progress in the treatment and control of the infection, which could lead to its end in a couple of decades. Sep 20, 2013

Drinking coffee may cut womb cancer risk

New Delhi, Sep 15 (ANI): A new study has suggested that the risk of developing womb cancer can be reduced by drinking coffee. According to the World Cancer Research Fund report, coffee contains antioxidants which may boost health. However, experts said that there is not yet enough evidence to recommend drinking coffee to protect against the disease. Researchers at Imperial College, London also said that women can reduce their risk of developing the disease with at least 38 minutes of daily exercise and keeping a healthy weight. Sep 15, 2013

20 More Chelyabinsk-Like Meteors Headed for Earth?

In a recent study, scientists discovered the source of meteor which struck the Russian city of Chelyabinsk earlier this year and have detected about 20 more such types of gigantic meteors which could pose a possible threat for the planet in the near future. Aug 14, 2013