Sarath Kumar
Sarath Kumar.PR Handout

Sarath Kumar, actor and president of All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi (AISMK) has slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for failing to issue a statement in connection with the recent open fire on Sterlite protestors in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu.

The AISMK leader took a dig at Modi's frequent foreign trips to build good relationships with other countries, while turning blind eye to address the internal issues of the nation.

Here's how the statement read:

Dear Mr Prime minister, you have been travelling ever since you took office, to establish rapport with the rest of the world. But internal conflicts, unrest, poverty do not seem to touch your heart and mind. You seemed to be avoiding Tamilnadu and its issues consciously for reasons best known to you, specifically Tuticorin has been burning for last three days and not a single message, view or concern. [sic]

It is disheartening that a chief minister who ruled a state for three terms turning a blind eye to events concerning our state, even the death of 13 innocent lives does not move you. May the almighty bless our state and its people in this rightful and just cause. [sic]

Likewise, many other celebrities too have spoken out on the issue. Iconic actors like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have slammed the Tamil Nadu government for the death of 13 protestors.

Actor Simbu has also come out with a strong statement. The complete text of his speech can be read here:

People who are just protesting for the health and welfare of the fellow citizens are being shot and killed now. What is happening in this state? The leader we voted for is dead and we don't know how. The government is headless. I'm sure it's not just me who thinks so. Leaders and famous personalities can only offer condolences. Do we want their condolences? Will the dead come back? Do we want to continue protesting and die? It's not right.

The count of dead people is increasing every day. It's really painful. The police will react like this when crowds gather and display their angst. We protested against Sterlite. But, what did the government do? We need change and this government should go.

My interest is only looking for a solution and I do have a solution. If you think otherwise, I don't care. I'm speaking in English because I want this to reach the people who are just sitting back and watching the mayhem. It's a massive protest that is happening and we don't get mentioned in most of the media channels,

Nothing in Tamil Nadu has got a proper mention or the attention it deserves. Is language, the problem? Read my lips. Don't mess with us. Let's be human first. Unite for humanity.