Russian woman throws tantrum on flight
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A woman claiming to be the wife of a Russian MP made a huge scene on a flight by hurling abuses at co-passengers and crew after her orange juice got spilt accidentally. She claimed that the passenger in front of her had reclined her seat suddenly, causing her drink to tip over.

The woman screamed abuses at the passenger in front in coarse Russian, an action filmed by another passenger in the Aeroflot flight, reported The Sun. The video of the incident, which took place on a flight from Moscow to Beirut in Lebanon, has since gone viral.

The Russian woman abused her co-passenger for quite some time, while the crew and other passengers tried to calm her down and get her to "stop screaming." She seemed to get even angrier at their attempts and abused the flight attendants as well.

"You will get to Lebanon, I am the wife of a Deputy [Member of the Parliament], I will arrange things for you there," screamed the woman. An elderly lady seated next to her was seen trying to dab the juice stains with a napkin and asking her to stop shouting.

The woman gradually calmed down after she was given a huge bundle of paper towels. She was then moved to another seat by the cabin crew.

The video has been viewed thousands of times on Russian social media, with a lot of comments coming in. People accused the woman of being loud, stupid and ill-mannered.

One user commented: "Do all wives of members of the parliament look like pigs?"

In another incident on February 24, a Ryanair flight from London to Spain had to be diverted to Morocco after a man started abusing the cabin crew. The man was arrested by the local police after the crew complained of his disruptive behavior.