russian TV
Russian TV issues list of essentials for World War III bomb shelters.YouTube screenshot.

A state-run Russian TV channel has advised citizens of the nation to pack essentials in preparation for life underground in the wake of geopolitical tensions that many fear might trigger the World War III.

The channel – which is owned and regulated by Kremlin – also suggested a list of ideal supplies for the people, and instructions as per the list include packing iodine to protect their bodies from radiation.

The channel called Rossiya-24 gave the suggestions in the middle of all the tension that has been revolving around Syria after a top military analyst issued warnings that the world already has the Cuban Missile Crisis Mark Two.

In the same report, the numerous Western scares about a global conflict were also mentioned.

Journalist and military analyst Alexander Golts told Rain TV in Moscow: "A year ago when I said we had entered a new Cold War, nobody agreed with me. Now everyone agrees but it has become clear that events in this second Cold War develop a lot quicker. It's only just started and, here you go, we already have Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0."

But if a World War III actually does arise, the list of suggestions mostly swears by items that last up to years. "The food supply for doomsday includes many items but the main idea behind packing an emergency stock is less sweets, more water. "

Viewers were mainly asked to pack rice as "it can be stored for up to eight years, oatmeal for three to seven years".

While the Russian favorite buckwheat is said to last only a year, viewers were also informed that they "can survive on tinned meat for quite a while - up to five years, while canned fish keeps for not more than two years."

This is what they had to say about dairy products: "Of course it is hard to do without milk, at least powdered, sugar and salt. Russian tradition suggests we should buy pasta in times of cataclysms. But professional survivors do not recommend taking this product into bomb shelters."

The show's presenter, Alexey Kazakov warned that life underground will be a trouble especially for those with a sweet tooth. "Chocolates, sweets, condensed milk, all this will have to be left behind. Yes, glucose is a great source of energy but sweets cause thirst, and water will become the most precious source for residents of bomb shelters."

The show also had an 'expert' called Eduard Khalilov who shared his take on the issue over a Skype interview, saying: "The more water, the better. Because you can survive for two to three weeks without food, but it gets really hard without water after three days only. Water is needed to digest food too. And water is the first thing one should think of."

But the report also had some remarks about America's state of panic increasing with regards to a prospective war. "After electing (Donald) Trump, the business of American producers of bomb shelters is booming," they said.

This show was aired shortly after Donald Trump's very confusing series of tweets on Russia and Syria two days ago. The president of the United States took to Twitter to 'warn' Russia in a rather threatening message that it should be prepared for missiles coming along Syria's way.

But within the next hour, he followed it up with a tweet lamenting the new low in America's relations with Russia and calling for measures to ensure world peace.