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KRK finally says sorry to MohanlalMohanlal/Facebook

It is time for Malayalam movie lovers to rejoice as Bollywood's gadfly Kamaal R Khan has finally understood who Mohanlal is and how big a star he is in Mollywood. After abusing the superstar for almost five days by calling him Chhota Bheem, joker, and many other insulting comments, KRK has tweeted:

"Sir @Mohanlal sorry to call you #ChotaBheem Coz I didn't know much about you. But now I know that you are a super star of Malayalam films [sic]."

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Though he had recently stated that only "uneducated people" will use Facebook, KRK has also posted this same apology message on his FB page. "Modern, intelligent and educated ppl use @twitter while Mawalis, uneducated and old thinking ppl like Mohanlal still use Facebook only [sic]," he had then posted.

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However, few netizens seem to be not so happy with his latest statement as they think it is yet another strategy of the self proclaimed film critic to be in the news again. Nevertheless, there are many others who have been rejoicing on winning the war against KRK for their favourite star.

Seena S

He is again looking for ways to be famous by just saying this sorry.

Sreedeep.Ck Alavil‏ 

something big waiting for you .... We will never forgive ... We will never forget .... Wait for it 

SrEe HaRi‏ 

Finally KRK Found his DAD ! #Laalettan Daaa

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Rakesh Raj

No need of sorry KRK.Bcs all audiance know u now that u r a baby in Film industry.Just looking for ways to b famous.they feel pity only on u

Rahul K Shaji‏ 

KRK now realize that you are a No.1 fool in our country. You are famous on that name... @kamaalrkhan

Ajmal Shareef

Finally you realised our strength,,, We Kerala Boys (CHUNK BROs) have no compromise in such cases,, don't ever come to play with us,,, mind it !!!

Krishna Narayanan

atlast you just bowed ur head.... thats power of the complete actor,our lalettan,just stay away,because he and his fans are highly inflameble

Amsu AVz

But now ur famous in social medias bcoz of laletan... So wash his legs and drink that water... Hehehehhhehehehehehehehehe...

KRK, in an attempt to make the headlines, has posted an insulting tweet on Mohanlal comparing him to Chhota Bheem after the superstar was announced to be playing mythological character Bheem in the Rs 1,000 crore project Mahabharata, which is set to become the most expensive Indian movie. The controversial person continued to insult Mohanlal with a series of abusive tweets on the star, and even called himself to be a great star than the versatile actor.