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Self proclaimed film critic KRK has taken a dig at Mohanlal with his recent tweet.Facebook

Upcoming movie Mahabharata, which is set to become the most expensive Indian movie with a budget of Rs 1,000 crore, has been making headlines ever since versatile actor Mohanlal announced the big project, helmed by VA Shrikumar Menon. While many are celebrating the big news of the superstar portraying the role of Bheem, self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan (KRK) has insulted the actor by comparing him to Chhota Bheem.

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KRK has taken a dig at Mohanlal with his recent tweet: "Sir @Mohanlal you look like Chota Bheem so then how will u play role of Bheem in Mahabharata? Why do you want to waste money of BR shetty?" However, the statement made by the controversial personality has not gone down well with fans of the superstar, and that is evident from the Malayalam comments under his tweet.

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Interestingly, even Mammootty fans, who otherwise tease Mohanlal and his films, have also come forward against KRK. "The fans of Mohanlal and Mammootty might fight each other, but that's our right. Who are you to comment on Mohanlal and his acting talent? Have you ever received five National Awards like him? You will soon see the power of Malayalis," reads a comment on KRK's tweet. "Have you ever watched his movies? There is no one in north India to replace this legendary actor," states another netizen.

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Kamaal R Khan's tweet on Mohanlal has irked the fans of the superstar.KRK/Twitter

Though KRK is often known for his controversial statements against actors including Salman Khan, Kamal Haasan, Parineeti Chopra and Lisa Haydon, among many others, this is the first time that he has commented on a Malayalam actor. And the result? He gets trolled by ardent fans of Mohanlal, who is respected by millions across the globe for his amazing talent.

Meanwhile, Mahabharata, based on MT Vasudevan Nair's renowned novel Randamoozham, is being bankrolled by UAE-based businessman BR Shetty, and it is said to be made in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and dubbed in all major Indian and foreign languages. The film is expected to go on floors in September 2018, and its first part would be released in 2020 and the second part will hit the screens 90 days later.

Check out how netizens have reacted to KRK's controversial tweet about Mohanlal here:

Bineesh Bastin

Today saw the tweet of KRK (Kammalrkhan) criticizing our Lalettan. Dear KRK, Whole India Knows the ability of our lalettan. He is arguably one of the best actors in India. The producer & director of ''Mahabharata" have faith in the ablity of Mohanlal that's why they casted Mohanlal in the film with 1000cr budget. If you are still doubting Lalettan's ability just watch Pulimurugan & see the stunts that he has done at the age of 55. The movie was made in a budget of 25cr & grossed more than 150cr. In India everyone has the right to speech but don't misuse that right.KRK, if you want to get attention gain it by showcasing your talent in films not by doing publicity stunts like this. I can proudly say that I was able to work with Mohanlal in few films even though it was small roles. Lalettan is the pride of Malayalam cinema. East or west lalettan is the best. Lalettan fan forever


In 2016, UNESCO declared Sir @Mohanlal is the complete actor in the world. Keep clam and trust UNESCO.

Gänesħ ṂṄ‏

who the hell r u to criticize our #lalettan?U don't deserve even to drink water that cleaned his feets.Mind ur words

Sabu Sijo

U better delete this tweet & say a sorry to our @Mohanlal ..Freedom to express is a right but u don't have voice to speak against Lalettan

Josbin sebastian‏

did u have ever watch mohanlal sir (lalettan) movies ...he is the only actor who can completely justify the role

Adarsh Jyothy‏

Stay tune on the comment box Mr.KRK..You are gonna see the power of malayalees and the value of lalettan in indian cinema.. Lalettan...✌

Namitha susan jain‏

We too have an actor like you mr.krk here..! We call him mr.pandit.! But that guy is even more sensible than you.kittatha munthiri pulikum

Arjun TA‏

Atleast Chota Bheem is a Hero. What can we say about you? Looks more like #Swiper in Dora the Explorer !!

Anandhu AR 

Mr.KRK. Biggest nonsense of film industry. are you in film industry?). You cant do a simple reaction of mohanlal s tht he done in his films

Sachith Ck Nair‏

Hey man mohan lal sir is one of the best acter in the world.Dont insult him with this type stupid tweets

Abhishek Achar

U look like dolu,why abuse great actors n directors

Reghu viswanathan‏

5 National awards 9 state awards.Do you or your father can ever achieved this.He is Lt.colonel Padmashri Dr.Bharath Mohanlal. our #lalettan

Arun S Nair‏

Seriously im hearing about you only after this crappy tweet.

Athul singh‏

Hey... Man... Who the hell are you to insult our lalettan... The complete actor.... Keep in mind that who is he


Dear @kamaalrkhan you look like a person not to be fit in this planet !! still you are here!! What more than this can happen??

Jayadevan S

KRK pls advise who can replace Mohanlal in world cin..u only see chocolates & amul heroes, not real's not u r mistake, it's genetics.