Suraj Venjarumoodu, Mohanlal, KRK
Mohanlal and Suraj VenjarumooduSuraj Venjarumoodu/Facebook

For Keralites, Mohanlal and Mammootty are like superheroes, and there are thousands, who are ready to fight each other for them. Though it is a common sight to see Mohanlal fans teasing Mammootty and vice versa, very rarely we see them united for a common cause. This time, the complete credit goes to Bollywood's gadfly Kamaal R Khan, who became the sole reason for the members of both the fans associations to "work" together against their common enemy, KRK.

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Now, Mollywood actor and National Award winner Suraj Venjarumoodu has reacted on the matter, and his response is epic and a perfect slap on the face of KRK. Though he had shared a post in Malayalam against KRK on Thursday evening, the actor decided to come up with another interesting write up, and this time in Hindi. This, because he wants KRK to understand what exactly he is trying to communicate. For those, who don't follow Hindi, there is English translation as well, and it is sure to make the day of all Mollywood movie-lovers.

"Mr KRK, Don't ever try to play with the pride of our Kerala Mohanlal, who has proudly received awards for his versatile and realistic acting which is equal to 100 or more times your age. We are Malayalis, and don't expect your family to receive your ashes! Keep in mind! And one more thing, first of all go and watch some flicks of the complete actor and study acting, and later see yourself in the mirror and weep! following slap yourself four times! You should never be called a joker as it is an insult for jokers. Sorry for responding late..." Suraj posted on his Facebook page.

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श्री के.आर.के, हमारे देश के गौरव के साथ खेलने की कोशिश मत करो, श्री मोहनलालने अपने बहुमुखी और यथार्थवादी अभिनय के लिए बोहत सारे पुरस्कार प्राप्त किया है जो आपकी उम्र के 100 या उससे अधिक बार के बराबर है। हम मलयाली हैं, अपने परिवार को अपनी राख तक नही मिलूंगा। याद रखो! और एक बात, सबसे पहले, जाके यह complete actor की कुछ फिल्में देखें और अभिनय सीखों, और बाद में अपने आप को आईने में देखें और रोएं! उस्के बाद चार बार खुद को थप्पड़ मारो| आपको जोकर नहीं कहा जाना चाहिए क्योंकि यह जोकरों के लिए अपमान है। देर से जवाब देने के लिए क्षमा करें ... "

The Twitter reacted when KRK posted an insulting tweet on superstar comparing him to Chhota Bheem after Mohanlal was announced to be portraying the role of Bheem in the most expensive movie, the Rs 1,000 crore project Mahabharata. That's not all, it was followed by a series of abusive statements on the versatile actor. However, the abuses he has been receiving from the netizens look like an encouragement for the controversial personality as he seems to have no intention to stop bullying Mohanlal and his fans.

Here is the facebook post of Suraj: