Arjun Rampal and Gabriella Demetriades
Arjun Rampal and Gabriella Demetriades announce their pregnancy.Instagram

The news of Arjun Rampal and girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades expecting their first child had sent ripples among their fans who had started speculating about their possible marriage. But the soon-to-be parents, at this point, are not so interested in getting married.

They are very happy being together. But they are not planning to marry just because they're expecting a child together. They have full confidence in the durability of their relationship and they can look after their child without making their relationship legal. She has brought that sense of peace and wellbeing in Arjun's life that had gone missing for the past five years when Arjun went from one emotional turmoil to the next, beginning with his mother's illness and death. It's only this year that tranquility has kicked into Arjun's life," a friend of Arjun Rampal was quoted as saying by Deccan Chronicle.

Arjun had recently announced the pregnancy of Gabriella on Instagram after keeping it under wraps for the last six months. The two have been dating for the last one year and even their friends including Arjun's wife Mehr Jesia was unaware about Gabriella's pregnancy. However, Mehr, who is yet to file for divorce with Arjun, took the news sportingly after coming to terms that her estranged husband has moved on from their bitter separation.

Arjun Rampal, girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades
Arjun Rampal, girlfriend Gabriella DemetriadesInstagram

Arjun and Mehr parted ways in 2018 after 20 years of their marriage. The couple has two daughters - Mahikaa, 17, and Myra, 13. The two had a patchy relationship. It was reported that Mehr was left traumatised after she learnt that her husband was in touch with Hrithik Roshan's ex-wife Sussanne Khan and suspected they were still meeting secretly.

And now that Mehr has no issues with Arjun finding solace in Gabriella and moving on to start a new life, the proud parents-to-be will soon enter into a happy phase once they bring their child into this world.