julia dark rose caples
Julia 'Dark Rose' Caples shares her vampire-lifestyle on The Wizards of Odd TV.YouTube screenshot

Back in the 90's and 2000's, pop culture was revolutionized by a cult fan-following of The Vampire Diaries and the Twilight series. Both the franchises drove teenagers and young adults towards an obsession for the supernatural, especially vampires. This had reached a point where people pretty much craved the idea of either becoming a vampire or having one fall in love with them.

Now, in 2018, a woman has made news as a 'real-life-vampire' who needs to drink half a gallon of human blood every month. Going by the name of Julia 'Dark Rose' Caples, the mother-of-two feeds on her fiancé – from her home in suburban Pennsylvania.

The 50-year-old has described the sensation of drinking blood as an 'explosion of sexual energy', Metro.uk reported. Her bizarre lifestyle has even helped her acquire a loyal cult following of online 'worshippers' of what she calls is a 'vampire community.'

"I'm one of the original creators of what is now known as the vampire community," shared Julia. "I was the vampire celebrity [in the 1990s] that travelled all over the world, doing all kinds of TV shows – I don't think anybody really expected that what I was really [a vampire] was really real."

While certain vampire cults or communities that have been exposed in the past are far from the flashy, glamorous lifestyle that is shown in movies and TV-series, Julia still wants to break the stigma associated with the practice of drinking blood.

Offering a glimpse of her lifestyle on the Wizard of Odd TV, Julia shared how she was apparently kidnapped by cults and even chased by vampire hunters in her years of affiliation with the so-called vampire community.

'This is actually our life. When I drink blood, it's an explosion of sexual energy and sexuality," she shared. "I combine the energy of sex with the blood-drinking, and it's like this cone of power and energy – that is its aphrodisiac."

julia drinking her fiance's blood
Julia 'Dark Rose' Caples drinking her fiance's blood.YouTube screenshot

Speaking about her past life, she shared: "Growing up it was certainly something taboo and it really still is, but it's my mission to find others like myself who are born this way. They don't need to go through what I went through, they don't need to be hurt."

Her followers, who seem to worship her blindly, often offer to be her 'prey' – volunteering for her to drink their blood. But Julia shared that this is an experience she shares only with her fiancé.

"I've been run out of town and even lost jobs – I've been fired over and over again because with the internet they can find you by googling you," she shared. "My life hasn't been easy, but this is who I am."