Arun Jaitley
Finance Minister Arun JaitleyTwitter

After Narendra Modi slammed the Congress at the India's Business Reforms event in Delhi on Saturday, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, in his address to media in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, took a jibe at Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi.

Referring to Gandhi's comments last month where he had termed the Goods Service and Tax reform as Gabbar Singh Tax, Jaitley said "He (Rahul Gandhi) doesn't have any knowledge about the subject and the Congress was also a party to the decision."

"The Gabbar Singh Tax only meant that the poor who sweats sees his money being stolen from him," Gandhi had said.

Jaitley stressed that as a party, the Congress has never taken any big decision during their tenure.

"If you look at the history of the Congress, they fought the last three elections solely focusing on only one person and only one state," Jaitley said.

Jaitley has been appointed as the BJP's poll in charge of Gujarat and he is expected to conduct meetings at the BJP's media centre in Ahmedabad.

Gandhi had earlier also posed questions on the decision of World Bank to credit the Centre for reforms such as demonetisation and GST, and India getting 100th position in the Ease of Business index. Gandhi had pointed out that both the reforms and their impact were not studied by the World Bank.

"Jaitleyji sits in the comfort of his office and believes in whatever the foreigners say. I will request him to come out of the office and ask five or 10 small and medium businessmen if ease of doing business has improved and everyone will shout there is no ease of doing business in India," Gandhi had said.

Rahul Gandhi
Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi addresses people in Gujarat ahead of state polls in December 2017Twitter

Meanwile, a BJP spokesperson said, "Jaitley will remain in Gujarat for a day and will meet different party leaders in Ahmedabad. He will focus on the campaign for the polls and will talk to the spokespersons of the party."