Self-styled alien hunter Scott C Waring, who is currently operating from Taiwan has claimed to have discovered two UFOs on the moon.

In his recent post, Waring claimed that these alleged flying machines were discovered from photos of the moon taken by NASA. Interestingly, in the image, a pyramid-shaped UFO can be seen hovering above the lunar surface, and the flying vessel can be even seen casting its shadow.

Alien presence on moon

In his website post, Waring claimed that aliens have a base on the lunar surface, and these images are providing their presence on the moon.

alien base
UFO Sightings Daily

"Two large white objects on a crater floor that just scream out ancient aliens. One object has a square base with a round almost radar-like sphere dome on it. The other is more significant because it is a pyramid-like space ship that is hover...yes you read that right...hovering over the surface of the moon.

That is easy to see for yourself by looking at the shadow below it and compare it with the shadow of the other building I just described. 100% undeniable proof that aliens exist on Earth's moon right now," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

Followers convinced, skeptics are not

After finding the alleged flying vessel, Waring also shared a YouTube video detailing the discovery made on the lunar surface. Most of the people who saw the video agreed with Waring, and they admitted the possibility of alien existence on the moon.

"That really does look like a craft of some kind. For every government to cover up or deny so much about this topic there has to be something going on so much bigger than us that inspire the amount of fear needed to make governments behave so," commented KD McCoy, a YouTube user.

"NASA is too dumb, good catch," commented Dutch Van Der Linde, another YouTuber.

However, skeptics have ruled out the alien angle, and they claim that it is a weird shape rock that has misled Waring. According to these skeptics, Waring's discoveries are classic cases of pareidolia where the human brain forms recognizable images on unknown patterns.