Several recent study reports conducted by space scientists had suggested that Mars had once favorable conditions to host life, and they hint that the Red Planet had an ancient river system. The findings of these scientists literally excited conspiracy theorists, and now, self-proclaimed UFO hunter Scott C Waring has claimed to have discovered signs of ancient religion on the Red Planet.

Crucifix sign spotted on Mars

In his recent Facebook post, Waring claimed that he has spotted this crucifix sign from a NASA image taken from Mars. Apart from claiming the existence of an alien religion on Mars, Waring also argued that Jesus Christ might have traveled to other planets to enlighten the cosmos.

Cross sign on Mars
ET Data Base/NASA

"What gets my pun that the cross didn't become a Christian symbol until Jesus died upon it 2,000 years ago on Earth. But if Jesus did the same on Mars too...then this is further proof that Jesus was an alien trying to instill morals and ethics onto not just humanity but other intelligent species too. Now the plain cross is supposed to be a symbol of Jesus' resurrection. Where a cross with him on it means the sacrifice Jesus made for humanity," wrote Waring on his website.

In the website post, Waring also added that he has discovered a lamp used to worship Jesus Christ in on the surface of Mars.

After discovering these mysterious structures, Waring also uploaded a video to YouTube describing his findings. The video soon went viral, and conspiracy theorists were quick to conclude that an advanced alien race had once thrived on Mars.

How pareidolia is misleading Waring?

Even though conspiracy theorists are convinced about Waring's findings, experts dismiss his discoveries calling it classic cases of pareidolia. According to these experts, pareidolia is a peculiar capability of the human brain to see familiar images on unknown patterns.