An atmosphere rich in oxygen and the presence of water on the surface play a crucial role in determining the habitability of planet Earth. However, a new study suggests that life could flourish in many kinds of other atmospheres than scientists had previously realized. In a new study, scientists found that certain microorganisms could evolve and survive in atmospheres made entirely of hydrogen, and this revelation has made many experts believe that alien life forms, at least in its microbial form could be surviving elsewhere other than earth.

Alien breakthrough

It should be noted that there are several exoplanets outside the solar system that are much bigger than the earth, and have huge amounts of hydrogen in their atmosphere. Interestingly, these exoplanet atmospheres tend to extend more than the earth's atmosphere, and it helps space scientists to spot these potential alien candidates using advanced space monitoring equipment.

search for alien life
Due to the mounting craze of cryptocurrency mining, astronomers are running out of required GPUs to search for alien life.Creative Commons

Scientists made this conclusion after monitoring the growth of yeast and E.coli in laboratory environments similar to the hydrogen-filled exoplanets. The research report published in the journal Nature revealed that both these microbes reproduced normally, though slowly due to the presence of hydrogen.

Until now, scientists believed that atmospheres rich in hydrogen are less likely to host alien life, and as a result, research conducted on these space bodies was limited.

Will humans discover alien life in the near future?

As the search to discover alien life continues, Dr Jim Green, a chief NASA scientist had recently predicted that extraterrestrial existence, at least in the microbial form will be confirmed on Mars within 2021.

However, Green also made it clear that humans are not prepared enough to accept several realities surrounding alien existence.

In the meantime, a team of researchers had recently spotted fast radio bursts (FRB) coming within the Milky Way galaxy. Even though radio bursts could be the result of natural causes, several space experts believe that these signals might be actually sent by aliens to proclaim their presence.