Space scientists all across the world strongly believe that alien life may be thriving somewhere in the universe, and sometimes, within the solar system itself. However, until now, no studies and exploration have succeeded in finding concrete evidence of alien existence. And now, experts believe that Saturn's moon Enceladus could be the best candidate to discover extraterrestrial life.

Experts reveal alien possibilities

It should be noted that NASA's Cassini spacecraft which made a close flyby near Enceladus in 2016 had detected the presence of methane in the icy plumes that were blasted out from the moon's interior. After making this discovery, the United States space agency had suggested that this methane plumes could be an indication of alien existence.

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NASA revealed more about the poles of Saturn's Enceladus moon.NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Several space experts believe that certain kinds of bacteria could survive the extreme cold condition that is prevalent in Enceladus. These experts also urge space agencies to explore Enceladus more to discover extraterrestrials.

"Enceladus is the only confirmed current habitable environment beyond Earth, it's the only world meeting the canonical requirements for habitability. The next step is to search for signatures of life in the Enceladus ocean materials, and Enceladus makes it easy because it ejects its ocean material into space. We now know that there's a lot of ocean worlds in our solar system and each as we currently understand it is unique and each offers something different to our understanding of ocean worlds," said Amanda Hendrix, a planetary scientist at the Planetary Science Institute, reports.

Hendrix also added that oceans in Enceladus could be home to an extraterrestrial form of life, and made it clear that upcoming missions to this moon could offer groundbreaking discoveries.

More details of alien life living in Enceladus

A few months back, a study report had suggested that microorganisms that might be living in the sea of Enceladus could be feeding on carbon dioxide and molecular hydrogen for growth. The study report also suggested that these living beings might be releasing methane as a by-product.

However, skeptics believe that the presence of methane could not be considered a concrete proof of alien existence. As per these skeptics, methane can also be generated by geochemical processes that are happening on Enceladus.