Conspiracy theorists have long been alleging that aliens had once inhabited Mars. Adding up the heat to this unbelievable theory, popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring has now released an image taken from Mars, that shows a flying object like structure on the Red Planet's surface.

Waring assures alien presence on Mars

Waring on his recent website post revealed that he spotted the bizarre object from a NASA archive image. In the image, a seemingly protruded structure can be seen on the surface of Mars, and it seems very familiar to the flying vessel often depicted in Hollywood movies.

Flying craft on Mars
Alleged flying ship spotted on MarsUFO Sightings Daily

After spotting the structure, Waring, without any hesitation, concluded that it is actually proof of alien existence on Mars. He also added that the flying vessel spotted on Mars is similar to the alien craft that whistleblower Bob Lazar saw while allegedly working in Area 51.

"The disk is very similar to the craft that Bob Lazar worked on in Area S4. The craft I found has a thin disk edge rising up to a thicker inner area and an upper hump that is not curved but made with straight lines. I can even see windows in the Mars craft that I found. This is inexplicable proof that aliens on Mars had spacecraft," wrote Waring on his blog UFO Sightings Daily.

How pareidolia is misleading Waring?

Even though the structure spotted on Mars looks very similar to a spacecraft at the first glance, a closer analysis gives a clear indication that the mysterious structure is nothing but a weird-shaped rock.

According to experts, it is a phenomenon called pareidolia which is misleading Waring. Pareidolia is nothing but the peculiar capability of the human brain to form recognizable images on unknown patterns, this trick of the human brain is considered the key factor behind most of these discoveries.