In 1998, NASA, the United States space agency captured images of space, and in that series of photographs, one image stood unique. In that image, a mysterious object was seen hovering in earth's orbit, and conspiracy theorists soon speculated that it could be an alien vessel.

Even though experts assured that the object in the image is nothing but space debris, adamant conspiracy theorists assured that it is the black knight satellite that aliens have been using to monitor human activities on earth for more than 13,000 years. And now, conspiracy theorists are again up in arms after spotting a black object in the skies of the Philippines.

Mysterious object appeared in the skies of the Philippines

A video that shows this bizarre UFO was initially shared on YouTube by a channel named Gian Pacayra. In the video, a black UFO can be seen hovering in the skies, and it was apparently flying very high.

"Video taken by Galaxy S8 I have no idea what it is but it looks like a person floating through the sky," says the eyewitness.

black knight
Alleged UFO that appeared in the Philippine skiesUFO Sightings Daily

Scott C Waring analyzed the video

As the video went viral on online spaces, self-styled alien hunter Scott C Waring analyzed it, and he claimed that the UFO could be most probably the black knight satellite. Waring assured that the object in the Philippine skies have an alien origin, and called this clip, one of the clearest videos he has ever seen. 

"The object has an opening on its top. It has a brownish-red tint and the open on its top has a few long spikes on it. The shape reminds me of one of the dark knight satellites I reported about 10 years ago from a NASA index. This is 100% alien, no doubt about it. I have heard of the UFOs over the Philippines, but this is the clearest video I have ever seen from there," wrote Waring on his blog UFO Sightings Daily