PUBG Mobile players were finally treated with the much-awaited zombie mode update on Tuesday. PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update added several new features to the most popular battle royale game and the Zombie: Survive Till Dawn event mode in collaboration with Resident Evil 2 is the biggest highlight.

After I tested the much-talked-about zombie mode before its official release via PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 beta update, I finally got to play the game in its stable form with my regular squad. Two of my squad members were playing the zombie mode for the first time, which made it a bit challenging at first. But that didn't stop us from getting "Chicken Dinner" in the end.

Few minutes into the match and the two newbies succumbed to zombie attacks (let me mention during the day). I refrained from passing any comments as I recalled how challenging it was when I first tried the zombie mode in beta mode with a couple of confused squad members. No complaints as I had hoped to win at some point, but to my luck, it only happened in the stable update. All those failed attempts taught me some important tricks to survive till the end.

Seeing that "Chicken Dinner" flash on my smartphone screen after over 20 minutes of fierce combat was surprising as well as exhilarating. Surprising because I did not expect the shot I took to eliminate an opponent was the second last player and exhilarating because the gameplay was intense. For those who haven't tried the zombie mode yet, must do it soon after updating the app and follow some basic tips no one will tell you.

PUBG Zombie mode review
PUBG Zombie mode reviewScreenshot

As the title of the event suggests, survive till dawn, it is exactly what you must do. But it's easier said than done. The popular quote from Game of Thrones "The night dark and full of terrors" is a perfect fit. It is when the night strikes, zombies and bosses from Resident Evil 2 will attach in full force and you need to have a solid strategy in place. These might help as we tested them and found quite helpful.

Drop location: There's no time to strategize in zombie mode, so you better land at the center of the map and pick the most popular loot spot. This way, you are geared up before the night strikes and you can take out as many enemies as you can in the first go.

Be a team player: You might be lone slinger in normal matches, but going solo won't help in zombie mode. Be with your squad at all times and share the loot to be fully geared before it is the night.

Important loot items: Players will be happy to know that the bag capacity has been increased in zombie mode, so don't shy away from picking those extras. Pick as many med kits, pain killers, energy drinks and bandages, you'll need them badly during combat. Choose your weapon and pick ammos accordingly. The new weapons, like the machine gun and flamethrower, are absolute gems, so keep an eye out. Killing zombies and bosses will also give you enough ammos so you don't have to go hunting for loot. Guns like UMP9, S12K, and your preferred assault rifle are safe bets in zombie mode. Don't forget items like zombie bomb and zombie vaccine to save the day when all hope is lost.

PUBG Zombie mode review
PUBG Zombie mode reviewScreenshot

Pick a safe spot: This is the most important part. You are more likely to die in the night if you are out in the open. So my squad decided to choose a spot with a single entry point so it is easier to kill zombies. During the day, the zombie threat is minimal, use that to take out opponents and get to the safe zone. Keep a close watch on the timer, for both safe zone and night. My squad settled down on picking high-rise buildings, like the one you find near the School, which have a terrace with a single entry point. As zombies entered through the door, all four members would attack and go for the kill. Each kill gives loot like scopes, ammos, medkits and more, so there's no point to leave the safe spot.

Vehicle is a trump card: You must have noticed there are not too many vehicles in the zombie mode. Even if you find one, there's low fuel and I could rarely find fuel tanks. The reason is probably to keep the players on foot as much as possible and the play zone isn't the full map so getting to the safe zone is usually easy. But instead of using the vehicle to travel, use it to block an entrance of a building you're camping in. This will not stop zombies from getting in, but it will control their numbers. It works wonders guys.

PUBG Mobile,0.11.0, update, Resident Evil 2, Zombie mode
PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update brings Zombie: Survive Till Dawn event mode created in collaboration with Resident Evil franchise.PUBG Mobile website (screen-grab)

Stay near rivers: I realised the importance of rivers and water bodies in zombie mode when I was ambushed by a horde of zombies in the middle of the road with my health deteriorating quickly. With no place to hide in close proximity so I can recharge my health, I jumped into the water. I then realised, zombies did not follow me into the water and after a few seconds, they started walking away, giving me enough time to reach the land, boost my health and engage in the combat. This happened to me during the day, and it's not clear if the case is the same during the night.

Aim for the head: PUBG Mobile players boast about their headshots and that is a great skill to have in zombie mode. Instead of wasting ammos trying to kill zombies by shooting anywhere and everywhere, aim for the head and see their numbers reduce significantly. Same goes for taking out opponents during the day.

Spare misfires: This is a big no-no, even in classic matches as it would give away your position. But misfires in zombie mode means losing your precious ammos. Treat ammos with great importance as they can only save you from the living dead creatures haunting the Erangel locations.

Let us know if you find these tips helpful and if you're more to add. Share your Chicken Dinner screenshots with us by tagging @ibtimes_india and @IBTimesIN_Tech in your tweets. Follow us for more updates.