PUBG Mobile is in hot waters due to the stern criticism the game has been getting in India, but nothing is getting in the way of its continued growth as millions of players continue to remain excited about the game and its future updates. One of the coolest updates in PUBG Mobile is yet to arrive and bring with it the much-awaited zombie mode but what if we told you there's more in store for fans.

A recent report is suggesting that PUBG Mobile will finally add the ability to convert Battle Coins (BC) to Unknown Cash (UC), which has been widely requested by players and ignored by developers. But Tencent Games must've heard your cries to offer the feature, although it comes with certain conditions.

How to convert BC to UC in PUBG Mobile?

The request to convert BC to UC sounds simple, but PUBG Mobile is granting the wish in a not-so-simple way. It is important for Tencent Games to carefully fulfil players' wish without stepping on one of its key revenue sources, where players purchase UC using real-world cash in order to buy certain rare items, skins for weapons, outfits and more. For instance, 60UC costs Rs 79, 325UC is priced at Rs 420, and 1800UC can be bought for Rs 1,949.

PUBG Mobile is expected to introduce new Bonus Challenge in the upcoming 0.11.0 update, which will allow players to earn Battle Coins and convert them for UC – all by demonstrating your in-game skills. But the Bonus Challenge, much like PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge, will be a limited period event and has its own sets of rules.

PUBG Mobile new update
PUBG Mobile new update to bring battle coinsScreenshot/PUBG Mobile

Firstly, players will need to register solo for Bonus Challenge and one must have Bonus Challenge Vouchers or UC to gain entry. There will be three tiers to choose from – Novice, Adept and Expert. As the tier names suggest, one must go with anyone depending on the skillset. Each kill grants players battle points, which can be used to buy UC Packs or rare cosmetic items.

Players will be tempted to go in as an Expert as it offers great rewards. Expert players get 45 points per kill in the Bonus Challenge, while Novice and Adept will offer 15 and 30 points respectively, Mr. Ghost Gaming revealed. But one must note that the opponents in whatever tier you choose will be matched accordingly, so prepare for a fair fight.

PUBG Mobile's Bonus Challenge will be available once the new update arrives and it will be open to all players on Android, iOS, PC Emulators. The battle will be between 60 players and the top players at the end of the challenge will be highlighted in a top 30 list.

What about BP to UC conversion in PUBG Mobile?

BC coins appear different from BP coins, which are easily earned through completing missions and such, can only be used to "try your luck" in Soldier's Crate. The outfits you get in Soldier Crates are mostly common stuff, which is quite exciting. But BC coins will have more use than BP coins, if the latest information by PUBG Mobile leaker Mr. Ghost Gaming is right.

PUBG Mobile new update
PUBG Mobile next update will bring new ways to earn UCScreenshot/PUBG Mobile

Earlier it was reported that PUBG Mobile will come up with new subscription plans – Prime and Prime Plus – which will allow for players to convert their abundant BP coins to UC. PUBG Mobile Prime subscription is expected to be priced 99 cents (around Rs 70) per month, which will give 150UC, daily rewards like IDs and some UC for logging into the game.

Similarly, PUBG Mobile Prime Plus with $9.99 monthly cost will offer 300UC and 20UC as a daily login bonus, a room card, ID card and a crate coupon. To kick off this plan, PUBG Mobile will offer a special introductory price of $4.99 (around Rs 355) on the Prime Plus.

There's no official word on both BP to UC or BC to UC conversion, but we expect to know more on the release of PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update. Which option are you more excited about? Let us know!