PUBG Mobile is clearly the sensational game everyone is talking about right now. It's not just the new updates that push adrenaline among players, timely challenges to win free merchandise can easily keep players on the edge of their seats. Unless you haven't been paying attention, PUBG Mobile announced free merchandise giveaway as a part of its #pubgmobilechallenge and yes, it is exciting.

PUBG Mobile tweeted earlier this week that players can win cool merchandise with some in-game tricks. A PUBG-themed dog tag with a level 3 helmet and crossed AKM rifles along with some AWM bullet holes on the sides was shown as one of the prizes to be won in the new challenge.

What's the new PUBG Mobile challenge?

For PUBG Mobile players, this shouldn't seem like a difficult task. According to the tweet posted by the PUBG Mobile official handle, players can participate and win the contest by winning a match in a normal/Classic match with an AWM Sniper.

PUBG-themed dog tag to be won
PUBG-themed dog tag to be wonPUBG Mobile via Twitter

Players must make sure the winning shot is made using the AWM and a screenshot is taken with the gun when the Chicken Dinner screen appears as proof of it. Players cannot participate in the contest by doing so in an Arcade match.

Players can share the screenshot on Twitter with the hashtag #pubgmobileawm and #pubgmobilechallenge. The challenge is already live and many players have already posted their screenshots on the contest's tweet. You can do so too as the contest wraps up on November 22.

But PUBG Mobile's brief tweet announcing the challenge doesn't dive into many details such as if the merchandize will be an in-game prize or a physical item (though it'd be cool to have a physical PUBG dog tag). It's not clear what other prizes are to be won through the contest, guess players will find out soon enough.

PUBG Mobile players are familiar with such timely contests, as the massive PUBG Mobile Star Challenge global finale is taking place at Festival Arena Dubai from November 29 to December 1, which has a pool prize of $600,000, which roughly translates to around Rs 4.3 crore. Smaller contests have also been keeping players busy as most recently the PUBG Crew Challenge went down with players getting rewarded with the Scorching Kar98 skin.

Stay tuned for updates.