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After a very long wait and much-anticipation, PUBG Mobile was finally updated with the new Sanhok map and it is proving to be quite challenging, especially after playing in open fields of Miramar and not-so-dense Erangel. Sanhok rainforest makes it great for hiding in those thick lush bushes or behind those well-placed rocks, making it even more difficult to spot enemies.

If you've played PUBG Mobile in Sanhok map, even briefly, you'd know how challenging it is to survive despite the rainforest landscapes. But with the right amount of ammo, rifles and armours, you'd have an advantage of surviving for longer or even getting that "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner."

Sanhok's 4.4x4.4 km area, which is almost a quarter the size of Erangel and Miramar, means you'll face your opponents sooner than on the other two maps. It is important to be fully equipped as soon as you land, which gives you an advantage over your opponent. But the tiny map also means all the popular loot locations are heavily populated, so it is important to choose your drop location very carefully.

We've picked out five best loot locations in Sanhok map to get the best weapons (even the M24 if you are lucky), armours (Level 3 stuff lying around), add-ons (suppressors, half-grips, compensators etc) and more.

PUBG Mobile 0.8.0
PUBG Mobile 0.8.0IBTimes India/Sami Khan

Remember, your drop location decides whether you'll reach till the end of the game, so try to stay closer to the route map, but jumping far away is a sound decision if you're not a sharpshooter.


If you'd ask us, Ruins is the best place to start no matter what. This location is not heavily populated but makes for a great loot location. You'll find your choice of automatic assault rifles and sniper guns lying around with ample ammo even for a squad. Scopes aren't plenty out here, but level 2 and level 3 armors can easily be found in the various compartments and levels of ruined structures.


This somehow brings back some nostalgia for those who play a lot in Erangal. The Docks can be the best looting spot, just like Georgopol and Novorepnoye, and it is not usually flooded with chutes. Obtaining assault rifles such as QBZ with sufficient 5.56mm ammos, SKS or even Kar98 with compatible ammos won't be a horrendous task. But you'll find a lot of med kits lying around, which will help you gain health at the time of need.

PUBG Mobile 0.8.0
PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 Sanok mapIBTimes India/Sami Khan


This is not as popular as other locations on Sanhok, but brings you some of the best loot. There are several buildings to loot in the area, which also helps you survive even when there are a lot of opponents in the same area. We've managed to get some of the best rifles here and sufficient amount of med kits and armours (mostly level 1 and 2). In our view, this is a safe spot for those who are still trying to get used to the Sanhok landscapes.

Boot Camp

This one's for the bold. The large structures in here is a treasure trove for all sorts of weapons. QBZ, Kar98, SKS, you name it. But it is important to keep moving here as there is a higher risk of getting shot. You'll even find nice add-ons for your rifles here, but remember to keep watching your ten and have your partner's back.

With great risks, come great rewards.

Paradise Resort

This is one of the best loot locations and the most popular one as well. So you'll not only find good weapons and armors here, you'll also face a lot of enemies. Unless you are quick with your loot and prepared to face your enemy head on, we'd suggest you consider the aforementioned locations. However, the sharp shooters can definitely make a landing here and get your level 3 backpacks full.