Crimea backs Mother Russia's tough love, one year on

One year after Crimea's annexation by Moscow from Ukraine, the Black Sea peninsula is struggling with the high cost of living and international isolation -- but most locals still say they are happy to have joined the motherland. Feb 25, 2015

Mystery tunnel baffles Toronto police

No one knows who dug the 30 foot long tunnel, complete with a power supply and sump pump, near the site of this year's Pan American games in Toronto. It was discovered last month. Inside, a rosary Feb 25, 2015

Movie directors inspire new fashion line

Fashion designers draw inspiration from many things. Movie directors and cinema fueled creations in The Blonds' latest collection on display at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. Haughty faced Feb 24, 2015

UNHCR distributes aid to displaced Iraqis who fled Anbar

Displaced Iraqis who fled Anbar province's flashpoint al-Baghdadi district due to advances and a siege by Islamic State (IS) group militants, received aid from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)in Baghdad on Tuesday. Duration: 00:42 Feb 24, 2015

Charlie Hebdo team bites back with new issue

More than a month after jihadist gunmen massacred much of the Charlie Hebdo editorial staff, the magazine is back at work with another savage swipe at its favourite enemies. Duration: 00:59 Feb 24, 2015

French Jewish leader defends comments about young Muslims

The president of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions reiterates comments about violence among young Muslims and says he "very much regrets" the decision of a Muslim council to boycott his organisation's dinner. Duration: 01:24 Feb 24, 2015

The road infrastructure of PoK deteriorating day by day

Muzaffarabad, PoK, February 24, 2015:- The Pakistani government has failed to develop state-of-the art infrastructure in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The roads in the region are in dismal condition, and using of sub-standard material, by the authorities, in its construction causes frequent landslides, putting the lives of the people at risk. The Muzafafrabad-Srinagar Highway, which is the vial trade link between the two sides of Kashmir, is in a dismal state, with damages and landslides, caused by the September 2014 floods, at many places. However, despite passing of several months, the authorities have failed to rebuild this connectivity and alleviate the damages. The highway was constructed after the 2005 earthquake by National Highways Authority (NHA) of Pakistan. However, using the substandard material in its construction, the road, which is a hilly terrain, often faces landslides. The Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, which is in illegal occupation of Pakistan, has been the victim of government’s apathy since 1947, and the authorities have failed to improve the standard of living in the region. Feb 24, 2015