Fears for Nemstov murder witness under guard in Moscow

The chief witness to the murder of Boris Nemtsov, a Ukrainian model named Ganna Duritska, has complained of being kept under guard in Moscow. Her mother has appealed to authorities in Ukraine to help. Duration: 00:51 Mar 3, 2015

Slovak wins bike race through Chile streets

The Chilean city of Valparaiso welcomed cyclists for the city downhill mountain bike race. Riders navigated streets, stairs, ramps and man-made obstacles over an approximately one mile or Mar 3, 2015

New portrait of the Queen for UK coins unveiled

Britain's Royal Mint unveiled a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth which will appear on coins, at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Royal Mint engraver Jody Clark created the new image and says Mar 3, 2015

Chile on alert as volcano spews smoke and ash

Chile's towering Viyarica volcano erupted Sunday night, spewing incandescent rock and lava fragments. The volcano is in Chile's south and it's activity levels started increasing February 6. Chile's Mar 3, 2015

Designer to the stars dresses disabled catwalk in Milan

From outfits for Lady Gaga and Beyonce to fashion for the disabled: Antonio Urzi, a long-time collaborator with Armani, is trying to revolutionise Milan fashion week with creations designed for amputees. Duration: 01:22 Mar 3, 2015

Rebels in Ukraine withdraw to new positions: Lysenko

Ukrainian defence spokesperson Andriy Lysenko said Monday that in areas where rebels have pulled back, they either relocate to another area or return to the original position at night. Duration: 00:44 Mar 3, 2015

Raging wildfires destroy homes in Cape Town

Five houses and an upmarket hotel were destroyed and dozens of people evacuated from their homes as wildfires raged through Cape Town's scenic southern peninsula, firefighters said Monday. Duration: 00:50 Mar 3, 2015

Hong Kong lawmakers hand themselves in over protests

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers hand themselves in to police over their involvement in mass protests for free elections, the latest step in a widespread investigation which has been accused of intimidation. Duration: 01:29 Mar 3, 2015