Lunar Eclipse
Lunar EclipseReuters

A partial lunar eclipse will take place for three hours on Tuesday night. The eclipse is expected to be visible through most of the night. The celestial phenomenon will be visible from India, South America, Australia, Africa and parts of Europe.

The eclipse will begin at 1:31 am, reaching its pinnacle at 3 AM when 65 percent of the moon will be hidden by the Earth's shadow. All astrology enthusiasts will have their eyes trained on the sky to catch a glimpse of the rare phenomenon.

In India, the eclipse will be visible in major cities - Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Mumbai. While residents of Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru and Allahabad can go to the Nehru Planetarium to witness the eclipse, citizens of Kolkata and Chennai can watch the rare celestial phenomenon at Birla Planetariums.

Bengalureans can opt for popular night trekking destinations like Skandagiri, Sidara Betta and Antara Gange

It is safe to view this eclipse can be viewed with the naked eye through a good pair of binoculars.

India's next total lunar eclipse will take place on May 26, 2021.