Rajinikanth in Kaala
Rajinikanth's Kaala has opened to positive reviews from the overseas premieres.PR Handout

After watching Kaala, which has received rave reviews, some critics feel that director Pa Ranjith might have intended it to be the launch pad for Kollywood superstar Rajinikanth's political career.

Ever since it was launched, Kaala has been promoted as an action crime thriller and its promos made Rajinikanth's fans assumed that it would be another mass entertainer. But after its release in theatres today, the movie has changed the perception of the film goers around the world. Some feel that the Pa Ranjith-directed film is intended to be the launch pad for the superstar's political.

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Kaala revolves around the story of an immigrant, who fights for the oppressed people of his community in Dharavi. The basic concept of the film is that the land is the right of common man. The director has tried to showcases a series of social issues of our present times, which makes it a political discourse. The film is more of a socio-political representation than a mass entertainer, say the viewers.

Rajinikanth, who is disturbed by the situation in Tamil Nadu, has already announced that he would plunge into politics and float his own party. He has already held meetings with his fans as part of organizing the party. Now, Kaala appears to be an attempt to launch Rajinikanth as a potential political leader in next assembly elections of Tamil Nadu. Here are some responses on Kaala posted on Twitter.

Zakka Jacob @Zakka_Jacob

#Kaala deals with all the contemporary issues of our times. Nationalism, cleanliness, communal amity, police atrocities, the works...but primarily it's a movie about land, and people's rights. Can this be a launchpad for @rajinikanth political career? Time will tell.

Cherry‏ @CherryTweetz

A rajini's political campaign for the next elections is the whole plot of this movie. His promise to the TN ppl if they make him win. #kaala

Sidhu‏ @sidhuwrites

#Kaala Interval: Politics, propaganda, poraatam with #Rajinikanth in the middle. Deeply a #Ranjith film so far, with little of mass and fun factor spread in. Huma Qureshi's angle is a nice addition, Easwari Rao lightens up the mood occasionally. #Kaala: Middling. More of a socio-political representation than a mass entertainer. Ranjith takes the opportunity to put across all his idealogies, but the film hits random notes at will. Different yes, fulfilling not much.

Hemanth Kumar CR‏ @crhemanth

#Kaala has been watched...won't be reviewing the film, but here are some thoughts on it: 1) I made peace with the fact that Rajini, the Superstar, is on a hiatus 2) Pa.Ranjith tells an important story about the status quo of modern India 3) #Kaala is a political discourse