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It's a baby boy for Khloe Kardashian and the world can't contain its excitement. The reality TV star is expecting her first baby with NBA player beau Tristan Thompson, and insiders have confirmed that it's all shades of happy blue for Khloe.

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The same magazine had broken the news in late September that the 33-year-old is pregnant, and even though the announcement had arrived right after Kylie Jenner's rumoured pregnancy, it had still taken social media by storm.

Multiple theories and speculations have circulated all over the internet, but what hasn't changed in the slightest is Khloe maintaining her extremely healthy lifestyle, as reported by insiders. "She's hungrier than ever," claimed an insider to US Weekly.

Doesn't come as a shock considering pregnancy cravings are a norm, but how does Khloe maintain her fitness mantra? Insiders spill that she opts for multiple "smaller meals throughout the day" just to stick to her diet and stay faithful to her fitness journey even when she's eating for two.

Khloe has also visited a specialist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for the regular 20-week checkup on October 9, as reported US Weekly. Yet that isn't all on her maintaining the health cards. The source added that she's also doing "more cardio" and "less intensive" workouts.

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As for her relationship with the 26-year-old basketball champ, sources confirmed to US Weekly that it's progressing steady and strong. "Marriage is definitely in the cards," tells an insider to Us. "They are just waiting for the right time to move forward. Khloé doesn't want to rush into anything."

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Even though confirmations have neither arrived from the Good American designer herself or any of her family members, in a recent video for baby sister Kylie Jenner's make up line, both Khloe and Kylie, 20, joked about having "so many babies".

The two collaborated for a lip kit line of theirs called "In Love with the Koko" and in the video, Khloe talks about the four new colours, saying "We created them. It's our baby together! We have eight."

Kylie, who also is rumoured to be pregnant with her first child, chimed in saying, "We have so many babies. Who knew?" We really wish we knew more, as everybody seems to be awaiting an official confirmation from the family, but so far only Kim has confirmed her third child via surrogate.