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Kourtney Kardashian might have spilled some hot, piping pregnancy tea in an interview and her followers cannot stop revelling in the glory of it.

Trust the eldest Kardashian to still drop a few surprise bombs and teach the rest of the clan how staying relevant on social media is properly done. While younger sister Kim Kardashian might be the OG who contributed arguably the most to the Kardashian fame and popularity, Kourt doesn't lag far behind either.

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While unconfirmed rumours of Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are still circulating, Kourtney declares nonchalantly, "I'm pregnant." In an interview with Grazia, the Kardashian pregnancies definitely came up, and the 38-year-old mother of three couldn't hold back her sarcasm, poking jabs at tabloid rumours.

While the reporter did believe her initially, like everybody and their mother under the sun has been, Kourtney was quick to squash them rumours with the smartest clapback of the year. No, she's not pregnant as she posted on Twitter.

The eldest sibling of the Kar-Jenner clan has just asked the question that has been going around everybody's mind: Would the Kardashians pull a stunt like this? Would they really announce four pregnancies for TV ratings?

How far is going too far even for the Kardashians? Well, Kourtney has an answer in her own signature sassy manner.

"Do I ever get worried that there's nothing left to film?" says Kourtney. "No, it just doesn't happen. Right when we think, "Oh there's nothing else," something will happen." Yes, that was a definite squashing of rumours that she, too, is expecting like her younger sisters.

But Kourtney definitely lifted up the situation, saying that she sees their TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, going on to complete another 10 years in the future. And as Grazia magazine points out, this could possibly be a clear indication at Khloe, 34 and Kylie, 20 expecting.

And would Kourtney still be on it? "I'd still sign up," she tells Grazia in the interview. While the rest of the world might not see their TV show as "working" with family, considering they pretty much just record their lives, but it does take a special kind of guts to bare it all open for the world to judge.

But trust the oldest to be the wisest here. 'We're human,' answers Kourtney when the interviewer asks her about social media ripping their every post. 'If we want to do something, then we just have to be ourselves.'

"What allows us to be sane is just not to have to care so much about what everyone thinks. The pressure would be way too crazy if that was all that was on our minds," she added. Pregnant or not, Kourtney Kardashian has things sorted it seems.

With problematic ex Scott Disick away for good and a new romance with Younes Bendjima around the corner, Kourtney seems to be focusing on her personal goals. In her own words: "It's about living your best life - being fun, sexy and carefree."

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