Akkineni Nagarjuna's Officer
Akkineni Nagarjuna's OfficerTwitter

Hours after P Jaya Kumar leaked the complete script of the movie Officer, director Ram Gopal Varma revealed that the upcoming movie is based on the life of KM Prasanna, an IPS officer from Karnataka.

Scriptwriter P Jaya Kumar alleged on Thursday that Rama Gopal Varma has been hijacking his scripts. So he has released the story of Officer, which he claims is written by him.

Addressing Nargarjuna, he tweeted, "This is not the first time my rights are being infringed by your director. Therefore I have no other choice but to release my original script and request you in public. Pls understand my loss and save me at least now."

Without responding to P Jaya Kumar, Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter to reveal the inspiration for the titular character. In a series of tweets, the filmmaker said that Officer is based on the life of IPS officer KM Prasanna. The police officer, who currently serves as the Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) in Mumbai had narrated his story to the director in 2010.

Here is the series of his Twitter posts.

The Story of @iamnagarjuna 's OFFICER is based upon a true life IPS officer K M Prasanna from Karnataka , who was appointed as the chief of a SIT (Special Investigation Team) to investigate a highly reputed cop in Mumbai

it's the details that IPS officer K M Prasanna personally told me in 2010 that finally became the story of #Officer . @I amnagarjuna is playing Mr.Prasanna who at present is the Additional Commissioner of Police ,Crime Branch , Mumbai

A photo of Mr.K M Prasanna on whom @iamnagarjuna 's character is based upon in #Officer ..He's presently the Additional commissioner of Police ,Crime Branch,Mumbai

K M Prasanna does bear an uncanny resemblance to @iamnagarjuna ..Comparing my personal interactions with both, I observed that they share a very similar demeanour and strength of mind,which I tried to capture in #Officer

‏Officer is a crime thriller with a high action quotient. Nagarjuna, portraying KM Prasanna, plays the role of a father in the movie. It was earlier rumored that the film is similar to the Hollywood action-thriller Taken, but the director confirmed there are absolutely no similarities except the fact that the protagonist is a cop who has a daughter.

The movie was initially scheduled for release on May 25, but it has been postponed by a week. Ram Gopal Varma recently revealed that the delay was due to the post-production work which was taking longer than expected. But this wait is going to be worth it, since the viewers are expected to get the best viewing experience.