Director Anand Shankar's Telugu movie NOTA (None of the above) starring Vijay Deverakonda and Mehreen Pirzada, has received mixed review and rating from the audience around the world.

NOTA is a political thriller film and Shan Karuppusamy has written the script and dialogues for the movie which is directed by Anand Shankar. The movie has been produced by KE Gnanavel Raja under the banner Studio Green. The flick has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2 hour 30 minutes.

NOTA movie story: It is about spoilt-youngster Varun (Vijay Deverakonda), who accidentally becomes the chief minister of Great Andhra Pradesh. He takes his job lightly, but situations force him to become serious. The twist in the tale is that he learns that his father ex-CM Vasudev (Nasser) is behind many crimes in the state. How he handles the situation forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Shan Karuppusamy has chosen an interesting concept for NOTA, but he has failed to add depth to the subject. The first half is very engaging and entertaining, but the second half is slow and tests your patience. The movie is full of Tamil scent and it lacks Telugu nativity, say the Telugu audience.

Performances: Vijay Devarakonda has delivered a fantastic performance, which is the highlight of NOTA. Nassar and Sathyaraj have done a good job and their acting is also among the highlights of the film. Mehreen Pirzada, Yashika Aannand, Anastasia Maslova, Sanchana Natarajan, Priyadarshi Pullikonda and MS Bhaskar have done justice to their roles, say the audience

Technical: NOTA has good production values. CS Sam's background score, Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran's cinematography, punch dialogues, art direction and Raymond Derrick Crasta's editing are the attractions on the technical front, add the viewers

NOTA movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers reaction on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read the audience's response.

Vamsi-Shekar‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

#NOTA: First half - A serious political drama. It's a one man show by @TheDeverakonda A good interval block and sets up interesting proceedings ahead. #Sathyaraj and #Nasser play meaty roles #NOTA: Second half - mainly deals with internal conflicts within political parties Hiding MLAs in resorts, black money , inspiring the young generation are shown in the best way @TheDeverakonda is just brilliant and plays a true next gen leader

Suresh Kondi‏ @V6_Suresh

Superb first half.. Gripping & interesting.. @TheDeverakonda excellent as #RowdyCM.. #NOTA

Shankar chittakonda‏ @CBhavaniShankar

Believe me... He is gonna be superstar.. What a splendid performance. Took movie to the whole next level. This was the best @TheDeverakonda, you rocked the show. @anandshank should get huge appreciation. @SamCSmusic bgms were awesome. @Mehreenpirzada #NOTA #VijayDeverakonda I think Telugu audience are not gonna receive #NOTA well because of it's clumsy political second half. @TheDeverakonda one man show throughout the film. @sanchana_n has excellent screen presence. Loved @Mehreenpirzada .

Priya Prakash‏ @V2Telugu

#NOTA - 3/5 A bold attempt from @anandshank. @TheDeverakonda pull-off the audiences with his unique style. Bold dialogues, many things are said boldly in the film. @StudioGreen2

Sri Harsha Vardhan‏ @Polusriharsha

#NOTA 1st Half : Movie Starting Ninchi Press Meet Varaku Story And Vijay Devarakonda Tharuvatha Bor Story Koda Edo Wrong Way lo Velindi Guriji antu Malli Interval Rowdy CM 1st Half Good Ok 3/5

Magneto‏ @starky_pspk

#NOTA @TheDeverakonda pulls off the script with ease, even though it has drag in 2nd half. Unstoppable VD you are keeping your word by choosing different scripts

Rajeev✍ #NOTA‏ @ItsMRajeev

#NOTA 1st half - Some of the political scenes and dialogues are connecting well with the crowd, getting applause. Relevant to the political climate in the South.

Naveen_Ankareddy‏ @AnkareddyNaveen

#NOTA @TheDeverakonda as usual rocked with his performance. Good political Drama. Bad Editing. Looks like a Tamil dubbed Telugu movie. Story is based on Tamil Nadu politics. Final Verdict: Go watch it and enjoy the V D show! My rating 3/5.

SubhashKJha‏ @SubhashK_Jha

#VijayDeverekonda is making all the right moves.#Nota is further proof of it. It is a political film but neither propagandist nor preachy

NARESH‏ @MaheshTammudu

#NOTA First off done @TheDeverakonda What a performance completely a phenomenal acting content wice better than all of his previous movies Screen play top notch 3 Hit for #vijay waiting for second off

Booch Booch !‏ @TheGDGuy

It's Interval ! Below average 1st half 2nd half dengithe #RowdyCM kastha #LavadaCM avthadu. #NOTA 2nd half Decent few lavada scenes with Meereen pakkana pedithe Vijay scenes are good But movie Completely missed nativity. One time watch/Avg at best #NOTA

Chaitanya Somavajhala‏ @ChaitanSrk

A clumsy first half. Looks like a typical political flick with no elevation scenes and a lot of tamil flavor. Fingers crossed for a good second half. After a relatively bad first half, must admit that the second half was decent with right sequences but a bit too lengthy. Would say that the director increased the complexity of the story than needed. But overall #NOTA makes for a decent watch.

Khishore R Kumar‏ @itsKhishore

#NOTA So ROWDY CM? Very flat and okayish 1st first half, filled with some goosebumps moments. Everyone will go crazy while experiencing the press meet scene. Hope that Anand Shankar will shift some unexpected gears in 2nd half.

Ruthvik Rao‏ @Ruthvik_Rao

Ok 1st Half, Dubbing Cinema Chustuna Feeling, Songs Rod. #NOTA Very Falt n Bad 2nd half, Overall A Bellow Avg Political Drama, Won't Work At The BoxOffice, Will Be A Disaster In Telugu, Mostly Tamil Kuda Same Result Vastundi #NOTA

Sidhu‏ @sidhuwrites

#NOTA Interval: Quite interesting so far. @anandshank sets up the premise nicely with a political backdrop that suits our own situation. Smooth sailing.

Rishi Rampalli @WonderRishi

An explosive first half Another blockbuster confirmed for Rowdy #VijayDeverakonda. How does he manage to select such excellent scripts one after another? Rowdy CM, can't wait for the second half! #NOTA Just finished watching #NOTA Premiere Show. An extraordinarily focused political thriller. Never loses its seriousness throughout, & has the perfect blend of political satire and emotions, without ever going overboard. Again @TheDeverakonda makes me proud to call myself his fan.

ఉత్తముడు @utthamudu

#Nota Pure direction....second half aythe rod....better stay away from this Tamil shit

Mirchi9 @Mirchi9

Final Report: #NOTA is lifeless and below par political drama with absolutely no high moments. There is nothing even @TheDeverakonda could do to lift it from doldrums.

Genuine view‏ @myviewk

#NOTA usa report: #VijayDeverakonda's most intense character yet... Drama Drama Twist Thrill Drama Don't expect any action scenes or out and out romantic scenes... Last 30 min will be the highlight SuperHit to Hit range but VD will elevate it into BB

Sai Anu @SaiAnu

It is a political film... It will also help the help "right to vote & select a right person" for ruling their state and India to all the society..... Vijay devarakonda played a main role in this film It is a best in his carrier

Sivasu‏ @Sivasu16

#NOTA Average Political film. Jittery Writing n lack of depth in characterizations leaves a void. Vijay Deverakonda has tried to pull the film through with a decent act.

CB‏ @cinema_babu

Decent first & Below par second half which is even boring at times. The film fails to make any impact !! #NOTA

Thyview‏ @Thyview

Aat Solid interval block..A good 1st half..with few unnecessary scenes. The BGM is reviting, so are few , the pressmeet and the interval block are too good..songs mega li8 #NOTA @TheDeverakonda

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