A couple in Delhi was arrested on Sunday, February 3, by the police for robbing and murdering an Uber driver.

The couple, 34-year-old Farhat Ali, and 30-year-old Seema Sharma were spotted on a CCTV footage by the Delhi police which led the investigators to their door.

The police allege that dire need for money led them to commit the crime.

"The accused, Farhat Ali, 34 and his partner Seema Sharma, 30, were arrested on Sunday after they were seen in CCTV footage around the cab of the deceased who was identified as Ram Govind," Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijayanta Arya was quoted as saying by IANS.

The incident occurred in the early hours of January 29 when the couple had hired an Uber from MG Road to Ghaziabad (where they were staying) with the victim, Ram Govind driving the car. During the ride, the duo plotted to rob the cab driver. When they reached the destination, they invited Govind inside for a cup of tea in which they mixed sedatives.

"They later killed Govind by strangling him. Next day, they arranged a cutter and blades in order to cut the body into small pieces and wrapped it three separates bundles. They later threw them in a drain at Greater Noida," Ms Arya said.

The case came to the police's notice when Govind's wife filed a missing person's case for him.

Ms Arya said that there were many dead ends during the investigation due to the lack of witnesses. "The last ride of the cab was booked from Madangir to Kapashera border and thereafter the GPS device was found to have stopped working," she said.

"With the help of technical surveillance, the mobile phone of Govind was recovered and the police teams found a couple moving around the cab on the Mehrauli-Gurugram road," she added.

The mobile phone and the keys of the Hyundai Xcent car which Govind was driving was recovered from the couple's house.