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This message was displayed after NASA's ISS signal was dropped when a UFO was captured in the footage.YouTube Screenshot/ Bright Insight

The latest incident regarding an alien cover-up occurred on January 20, 2017, when NASA's International Space Station (ISS) suddenly stopped its live feed while a luminous UFO suddenly appeared in front of the camera.

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It was a luminous orb, which alien hunters and conspiracy theorists believe was hidden by NASA on purpose.

The video feed was resumed after 35 seconds; a message stating that the hindrance was caused because there was either "temporary loss of signal" or they were "switching cameras" was put up on the live ISS YouTube channel.

Have a look at the video when NASA's ISS live feed was stopped suddenly

YouTube/Bright Insight

Alien hunters and UFO experts think that the strange orb of light that was seen before the live video footage went off the air was either a UFO or some brand new military technology the government wants to keep top secret, according to Science World Report.

"I have seen myself, at least a dozen times, where there is video of some sort of object coming close to the International Space Station -- moving around in many cases -- and all of a sudden they just cut the feed," online blogger Bright Insight, revealed.

"Either it's aliens or it is top secret technology that is being suppressed from the masses," Bright Insight said further.

This was the fourth time NASA abruptly stopped its live feed over a span of seven months, Daily Star reported.

Way back in July 2016, a light-emitting spacecraft was seen entering the Earth's atmosphere in the live ISS feed and the video was immediately cut.

Similar instances took place again after three months. Popular UFO YouTubers and UFOlogists have also observed the dropping of feeds taking place when an alien craft is seen in the footage.

"NASA cuts the camera feed so quickly even though this was very distant," Streetcap1, a UFOlogist said, as reported by Daily Star.

"But I still managed to get a couple of frames to enlarge," Streetcap1 added.

Here's the link to the footage Streetcap1 captured before NASA cut the feed on September 30, 2016:


In another instance an astronaut on the ISS tries to cover the UFO sighting by putting his hand in front of the camera as soon as an alien object passes by.

"We have an astronaut working on the International Space Station where we not only see a UFO fly overhead, but we are also going to see the astronaut attempt to hide this activity by putting his hand in front of the camera. And he actually does this a couple of times," says Tyler, from UFO hunting group Secure Team who posted the footage on his secureteam10 YouTube channel.

Have a look at the footage of an astronaut trying to cover-up a UFO

YouTube/ secureteam10

So far no response has been received from NASA regarding these recurring "co-incidents". 

Social media sites have also allegedly been trying to cover up such sightings, such as the recent instance of UFO sighting along the US-Mexico border, which was filmed and uploaded by a girl on Instagram, and the video was subsequently removed. 

Similarly, photos and videos of unknown craft hovering over Turkey were trending on Twitter with the hashtag #UFOAttacktoTurkey, which was then censored by the microblogging site. This resulted in annoyed usersposting about it more actively with an attempt to bring out the truth and spread the news about the sighting.