UFO spotted, america, mexico, tijuana,
A new UFO sighting took place lately between the US and Mexico border.YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

A new UFO sighting was reported along the United States' border with Mexico. Eyewitnesses claim that a fleet of seven to eight UFOs flew right over the border control post at Tijuana.

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According to reports, hundreds of people were stunned at the bizarre sight. The crowd also included customs and border protection officers.

"The footage was captured on the Tijuana border, on the Mexican side. The clip captures what can best be described as a fleet, or an extremely large grouping, of UFOs that look like they are stopping traffic or at least slowing it down," said Tyler from UFO monitoring group Secureteam, according to the Sun.

The video of these strange flying objects was uploaded on Instagram, and garnered over 30,000 views and 200 comments. The post has since been removed.

"Even border patrol agents can be seen with their cameras, eyes up, focusing on these objects that seem to be just littering the clouds. This was posted on Instagram, but then the page was removed. The footage has been taken down. This is actually really strange," Tyler added.

Instances of such controversial videos and images are often found to go missing off the internet. On November 28, 2016, a group of UFOs was seen hovering in the skies over Istanbul, Turkey.

The videos and images created quite a stir on Twitter. The hashtag #UFOAttacktoTurkey also started trending on Twitter, but the website tried censoring the incident, which left people infuriated.

UFO spotted, america, mexico, tijuana,
Four of these UFOs can be seen aligning taking a rectangular form in this screenshot.YouTube/secureteam10

Tyler claims that the video is genuine. The footage shows around seven or eight mysterious luminous objects hovering in the sky. Four of these 'UFOs' can be seen aligning into a rectangular form. One of the UFOs emitting light can be seen going dark in the video.

"At first they are random, but towards the end four of them align in a rectangular formation so they can't be balloons. Whatever they are, even the border control agents were focusing on them," Tyler said.

You can check the video footage here: