A mysterious fiery object was spotted in the skies above the UK on New Year's Eve, which left people baffled.

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The International Meteor Organisation (IMO) received around 679 reports by spectators from England and Scotland.

People saw a huge ball of light flying in the Britain skies on New Year's Eve.

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"Probably one of the last bright fireballs of 2017, but what a fireball! More than 150 witnesses reported a very bright meteor observed around 17h 35min UT, on December 31, and reports keep coming in!" International Meteor Organisation tweeted.

UK Meteor Network also tweeted about IMO receiving over 700 public reports about the happening.

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The bright green coloured light left the spectators amazed, some thought it was a shooting star. Many others shared the recorded footage and their experiences regarding this startling event on social media.

"Bright blue/green light sped across the sky, over the castle towards Denaby Crags. So low in the sky, genuinely thought it was coming to land. Stunning sight! Breathtaking," Lin Mathers stated on Twitter, Express.co.uk reported.

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The rumours about this being an alien visitation were rubbished by the International Meteor Organisation, which revealed that it was a meteor that had entered the Earth's atmosphere.

The celestial body is speculated to be a part of the annual Quadrantid meteor shower which takes place from December 22 to January 17.


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