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Netizens have ridiculed and trolled Bollywood actors Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu for accepting and promoting their latest movie Mulk after it was banned in Pakistan.

Mulk is a courtroom drama that revolves around the struggles of a Muslim joint family from a small town in India. The story is about their fight to reclaim their honour after a family member gets involved in terrorism.

It is reported that the Federal Censor Board of Pakistan has banned Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu starrer in Pakistan. The reason behind the decision is yet to be ascertained. Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha tweeted an emotional message and wrote, "A letter to Pakistan. Sorry a question really!!! #MULK in Theaters tomorrow."

The movie promos have hurt several viewers, who have alleged that the makers are creating a divide among society to rake in the moolah at the box office. However, the film went on to be released without caring about their sentiments.

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The makers of Mulk released a statement, saying, "We are disturbed by this prejudiced verdict and it is such an irony because our film talks about this very prejudice. We urge the Pakistani Censor Board to reconsider their decision. They will realise how essential it is to the well-being of the human race across the world."

Many Indian viewers are also agreed with the decision taken by the Pakistan censor board. Soon after hearing the news about the ban on Mulk in Pakistan, social media users took a dig at Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu, who promoted the film quite extensively. They have claimed that it is a good lesson for these Bollywood actors, who allegedly create a divide in the society. Here are some of those comments.

Hemal Vora‏ @hemal018

Perhaps, next time @taapsee will run a campaign, #TalkToAPakistani in the hopes that her movie gets released in the failed state. I don't follow @chintskap, but I am sure he may have already tried tweeting to Imran Khan. Looks like it backfired. #Mulk #MulkReview

Prakash R‏ @blindgaurdien16

Our #Mulk (@chintskap & @taapsee) team tried to milk some extreme sentiments from #Pakistan, but unfortunately they went ahead to ban the movie. How sad right?

Rohit Dubey‏ @VoiceOfRohit

Ye news padh kr itni Khushi hui na jitni kal Kohli ke century se nhi hui @chintskap ko  पहुंचे  #MULK

Govind Sharma‏ @rishu_1809

Rishi Uncle worked hard for Promotion of his Movie in Pakistan, Writing "MULK" "MULK" again & again in his Tweet on Imran Khan. Got a Friendly reply from Pakistan - "Ban" Uncle Freedom of Speech & Expression sirf apne hi #Mulk me hai

Naina‏ @NaIna0806

These Bollywood jokers love to make ass of themselves. All of them were singing paeans in tribute to Pak PM an army stooge and now Pakistan has banned #Mulk Shocking Bollywood and liberals all going ga ga over #ImranKhan instead of calling out to a Sham of Elections.