Mothers Day
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Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday of May every year. This year, the occasion falls on May 13. People across the world will celebrate the day by thanking their mothers (and single dads) for making their life better.

While there is no doubt that several mothers make a difference in our lives, there are many mothers from the TV world who have made a special place in our off-screen lives. Here's a look at the mothers from the small screen that have impacted our lives.

Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon on Empire

Taraji P Henson's Cookie has some of the most chic and stylish outfits on the show 'Empire' and the wittiest comebacks of any woman character on television. Cookie is a strong, independent and protective matriarch of the Lyon family. She is fearless and can hold her own ground, no matter what the situation. Cookie is bold and prepared to face any situation to protect her family, be it from thugs, murderers or even back-biting frenemies.

All these attributes combine to create a character unique to TV and Taraji lives Cookie up in style. For her power-packed performance as Cookie, Taraji won the Golden Globes as well as the Critics' Choice Awards. Empire airs on Star World in India.

Shailene Woodley as Jane Chapman on Big Little Lies

An ordinary mother on an extra-ordinary journey, Shailene Woodley breaks stereotypes to take on the role of a single mother, who while battling the memories of her rape and trying to lead a normal life with her son in an affluent society.

While she might be an overlooked character on the show, Shailene's Jane is one of the most relatable characters on Big Little Lies, which airs on Star World in India.


Big Little Lies
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Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones

Although one of the most hated characters on television, audiences love to hate Lena's Cersei more than anyone else and that goes on to show the power Lena holds in her hand as an artist and the power Cersei holds as a TV character!

It is difficult to hold your own as a woman in a world that is vastly dominated by men, but Cersei goes on to take everyone off her path, on her way to power and as an anti-hero establishes a strong self in the Game of Thrones universe. Given George RR Martin's prowess in killing off all his strong characters, Cersei has made the cut as one of the only three remaining contenders to the throne! If that's not power, we don't know what is! Game of Thrones returns to your television sets only on Star World in India.

Game of Thrones
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Julie Bowen as Claire on Modern Family

Julie Bowen as Claire has a wonderful screen presence. Her character holds her personal identity very close to her heart. Before being a mother, a wife, she is also Claire. It imperative for all mothers across the globe to not lose sight of their personal identities. Claire handles everything from her house to her business and still manages to assert her individuality on the show. As a mother she balances the roles of both a guide and a friend. Catch Modern Family only on Star World in India.

 Winona Rider as Joyce Byers on Stranger Things

Stranger Things has become immensely popular in a very short time. The show is widely celebrated and so is the cast. Stranger things doesn't only have a well written plot but also characters. Joyce Byers is a true hero. Even in testing times, she would not lose hope and try until she saves everyone. Joyce's undying spirit gives the twisted plot a lot of foundation. Without Winona, motherless - Stranger things wouldn't have done so great. You can catch Stranger things on Netflix.

 Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge on Riverdale

Acclaimed American television actress Marisol Nichols portrays the role of Hermione Lodge in the show Riverdale on Colors Infinity. Hermione is Veronica's mother and she has raised her daughter to be fiercely independent. Her character is all about strength and perseverance. After her husband's arrest, she faced hurdles and obstacles to keep her family's name intact and provide her daughter with a good life. She does not shy away from odd jobs and provides her daughter a comfortable lifestyle.

Rachel Brosnahan as Midge Maisel on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

A Jewish housewife Mrs. Maisel living in the New York City discovers her love for stand-up comedy as she provides her husband feedbacks who is a struggling stand-up comedian. As life takes an unexpected turn Maisel makes a wild choice to be a stand-up comedian leaving everybody surprised. Amazon Prime Original The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

 Kirsten Cohen played by Kelly Rowan on The OC

Kirsten is the rock that keeps the Cohen family united, and the absolute definition of maintaining a work-life balance. While being the CFO of the Newport Group, she successfully raises two sons, Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood and keeps the family together. You must catch this show and explore more about Kelly Rowan on Amazon Prime.

Mary Cooper played by Zoe Perry on Young Sheldon

Portraying a fiercely protective mom to her gifted son Sheldon, Mary Cooper's character is a beautiful journey depicted through instances between the mother and son that are adorable and funny. Mary Cooper is a doting mother to all her children, especially Sheldon who is an extraordinary and iconic character. Witness this mother-son duo's journey on Comedy Central.

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 Carol Wendelson played by Andrea Martin on Great News

On the occasion of Mother's Day, Comedy Central is all set to embrace funny moments between Carol and Katie. The show follows a budding news producer who finds herself dealing with a new intern; her mother. With some motherly wisdom, Carol showcases a deep and concerned yet funny side at the cable newsroom. Their aspirations are big and the dynamics showcased between Carol and Katie is hilarious and cute.

 Christy Plunkett played by Anna Faris in Mom

She has a dysfunctional dynamic with her kids in reel life on her show Mom, but her real life speaks the opposite. Anna Faris has a cute 5 year old son Jack who she adores and protects. Born premature, Jack had medical issues because of which Anna is extremely careful with her son's health.

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