MAMA 2017
South Korean actor Park Bo Gum at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017 in Japan.Twitter/MAMA

South Korean actor Park Bo Gum, who is popularly known for his role as crown prince Lee Yeong in the KBS historical drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, has hinted about his comeback to the TV World after a year.

The 24-year-old actor of Reply 1988 fame said that he will hopefully "share some good news" with his fans in the near future. The Hello Monster star explained further that he is gradually developing "the urge" to show his face in a new production.

Although Bo Gum did not share any details about his role in the upcoming project, he revealed that it could be something that can have a "positive influence" on the viewers.

"Once I started doing the work that I wanted to do, I realized that I was receiving a lot of love. So, I'd like it if people were able to gain strength and dreams by seeing me. I want to become a person who is able to be a positive influence," the Moonlight Drawn By Clouds star said during an interview with Esquire Magazine.

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The actor then thanked all his fans for their love and support. Bo Gum said that he was surprised to see over 10,000 people at his fan meeting in Tokyo on Christmas Eve.

"I'm just one person in a population of 7.5 billion, and I can't help but feel grateful that there are so many fans who give this one person their unconditional love and support," he said.

"All celebrities probably experience that same feeling. Maybe it's because of that feeling, but I developed a strong urge to give something back [to my fans] in return. The fact that they came to see me on a day that people spend with their loved ones is something that I'm extremely grateful for," the actor added.

Bo Gum also promised his admirers that he will be working hard and try his best to return their love through hard work.

"Even as I enjoyed those moments, I tried not to forget my gratitude. I never thought, 'I need to hold onto this [fame] until the end.' I do my best because I believe that people will like and support me if I work hard, but I also remind myself to be thankful for the fact that I'm able to do a job that I love and that makes me happy," he revealed.