L and Go Ara
Infinite member L and Hwarang actress Go Ara.Creative Commons

Infinite member L aka Kim Myung Soo will be sharing screen space with Hwarang actress Go Ara in the upcoming Korean drama (Kdrama) Miss Hammurabi.

The legal drama is the screen adaption of a novel written by the chief judge of Seoul Eastern District Court Moon Yoo Seok. It revolves around the lives of three judges – Park Cha Oh Reum, Im Ba Reun and Han Sae Sang.

Go Ara will be playing the role of Oh Reum in the mini-series. Her character is described as an idealistic and passionate rookie judge. Meanwhile, the Infinite member L will be portraying judge Im Ba Reun. He is described as a principled person, who strictly follows all the rules and regulations.

Senior judge Han Sae Sang will be portrayed by The Legend Of The Blue Sea actor Sung Dong Ill. He is a realistic judge with a lot of experience in the field.

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Along with L, Ara and Dong Ill, I've Got My Eye On You actor Ryu Deok Hwan, Children Of A Lesser God star Lee Elijah and actor Lee Tae Sung of My Mom fame will also appear in Miss Hammurabi as supporting characters.

All the cast members recently gathered together for their first script reading, which kicked-off with a direct address from judge Moon Yoo Suk.

"Miss Hammurabi is the story of people who, even on a small scale, try to change the world from where they stand. All of you who are here today are the true writers of the drama, the ones who will cast the spell to bring the words to life and make them stand up from the page," Soompi quoted him.

After the script reading, director Kwak Jung Hwan praised all the cast members for their touching performances. "I worried a lot about how to transfer the script to the screen, but I was emotionally moved after seeing the actors play their roles,' he said.

Miss Hammurabi is scheduled to premiere on JTBC in May 2018.