Park Bo Gum, YoonA
Park Bo Gum, YoonAInstagram/Park Bo Gum Twitter

The producing director (PD) of the JTBC show Hyori's Homestay has made the biggest revelation by sharing that Girl's Generation's YoonA and rising star Park Bo Gum will show great chemistry in the upcoming episodes. The Love in Moonlight star is expected to appear soon on the program.

"The two are around similar age, but YoonA is a noona and Park Bo Gum is a short-term part timer. YoonA is the official employee, and you can expect to see great friendship between the two," the PD said in an interview on February 16, according to Allkpop.

The reporters asked whether the viewers will see a "some" or a love line between YoonA and Park Bo Gum to which the PD replied that the aim of the show is not to create "some". The PD further said that the stars showed great chemistry while working together. Although YoonA has been there in the house for a while and Park Bo Gum having arrived recently, they cooperate pretty well as the latter is seen working really hard in the house.

Just recently, JTBC had shared a teaser for Bo Gum's stay at the homestay in Jeju Island and this had garnered lots of positive response from the viewers. It was a funny video clip, which showed Lee Hyori arguing with her guests, stating that she is Bo Gum's ideal type as media outlets had reported it earlier. She even showed that evidence to the guest who was not ready to accept that fact, which apparently broke the person's heart.

She also said that if she knew Bo Gum, she would have invited him to the house but then the biggest surprise dropped as the 21-year-old star rang the bell and called out saying "I am your part-timer." This came as a big amazement for Hyori as she was seen running through the snowy path to receive the young star. The teaser created a frenzy on social media. 

For the unanointed, Hyori's Home Stay is a South Korean television show starring former K-pop star Lee Hyori and husband Lee Sang Soon.The show is shot at the residence of Hyori and Sang Soon in Jeju Island in South Korea.

In the first season, viewers had appreciated Moon Lovers: Scarlet Ryeo star IU in the show. The appearance of the 24-year-old had contributed majorly to the success of the first season.

This season, K-pop girl group Girl's Generation YoonA has taken control by working as a permanent employee in the house. The presence of YoonA has also contributed immensely to the second season. Right from YoonA's clothes to the waffle machine, which she bought as a gift for Hyori, has gained enormous attention. The items reportedly sold out on many online shopping sites immediately after the waffle episode.

The second season of Hyori's Homestay began filming on January 7 and the show will continue airing on JTBC till the first half of the year.

Check out the teaser below: