EXO member Sehun has written a warm letter to fans.SM Town

South Korean singer Sehun has recently joined the list of EXO members, who have decided not to accept any gifts from their fans across the globe. The young heartthrob wrote a warm letter to all his admirers explaining the reason for his decision. 

The 23-year-old singer began his letter by greeting his followers worldwide. The EXO member said that he is greeting his fans for the first time in a while and he was "having a lot of thoughts" about them lately. Sehun then stated that he is planning to express all his thoughts in words.

"Looking back on everything, I feel like I've received so much love, and I am always grateful to you all for that. But if I think about it, I think we would all feel warmer if we shared that love, not just with me, but with many other people, right?" he wrote.

The EXO member then explained the importance of sharing love and helping each other. The young singer said that he is always grateful to his fans for their love and support. But there are many people who need them more than he does.

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"I'm personally doing my best to share that love, though it may not be of much help. I think we would all be even happier than we are now if you shared that love you give to me to people who need it more than I do," he added.

Sehun then revealed that he will not be accepting any more gifts from the fans other than their warm wishes and prayers. He also said that the greatest gift he can ever receive is the happiness of those people who are in need. 

The EXO member said that his fans can make him happy by helping those who are in need and giving them hope to move forward. "I think that will be something that both I and all the fans reading this can be so proud of," he added.

The K-Pop idol concluded his letter by thanking all his fans for their love and support. "I also wrote this letter because I wanted to express my thanks to you all. Thank you for reading this. Always be healthy, and have a great time with your families. Happy Lunar New Year," he stated.

Sehun is the fifth EXO member to announce his decision to accept no more gifts from fans. Earlier this month, Xiumin wrote a similar letter to all his admirers while Chen and D.O. made their announcements in 2016 and Lay wrote a similar letter in 2015.