Once again, on Wednesday, June 10, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence about India's ongoing border situation with China. The Congress leader claimed that China had taken away India's territory in Ladakh.

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Rahul Gandhi’s remarks came a day after he exchanged barbs with the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh over the month-long India-China border conflict.

Asking for a statement on the prevailing situation at the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, "The Chinese have walked in and taken our territory in Ladakh. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is absolutely silent and has vanished from the scene."

Rahul Gandhi tweet

Rahul Gandhi on Chinese invasion

The former Congress chief also attached a news report that read: 'China claims all of Galwan Valley, chunk of Pangong Tso'.

Rahul Gandhi's comments came a day after he exchanged barbs with the Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh over the month-long India-China stand-off.

On Monday, Rajnath Singh took a swipe at Rahul Gandhi, responding to his jibe at Home Minister Amit Shah. The Wayanad MP on Tuesday asked the Modi government on Chinese incursion in India.

In a tweet aimed at Rajnath Singh, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, "Once RM [Raksha Mantri] is done commenting on the hand symbol, can he answer: Have the Chinese occupied Indian territory in Ladakh?"

Rahul Gandhi's remarks were in reply to Singh's latest salvo at the Congress after the former raised questions about border conflict with China.

"Haath me dard ho to dawa kije, haath hi jab dard ho to kya kije (You apply medicine to the hand when it pains, but what to do when the hand itself is the cause of pain)," Rajnath Singh said in tweet in reply to Rahul Gandhi.

The back and forth between the BJP and the Congress began earlier on June 3, when Rahul Gandhi asked Centre's move over a military stand-off with China in Ladakh. He took to Twitter, saying: "Can the government of India please confirm that no Chinese soldiers have entered India?"

India, China pull back troops

Chinese PLA Tibet Military Command drills
India and China have started de-escalation at the LAC with withdrawal of the heavy military build-up by PLA along eastern Ladakh.

Reportedly, India and China have begun de-escalation at the LAC with the withdrawal of the massive military build-up by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) along with three stand-off positions in eastern Ladakh.

The withdrawal started happening ahead of the top military talks scheduled to be held in the 'Hot Springs' area of eastern Ladakh.