Ahead of the India-Australia series, the official broadcasters in both the countries are building up with promos revolving around the on-field altercations between the teams. Any series between the two countries has always managed to kick up plenty of controversies and it does not promise to be any different this time.

Before departing for Australia, Indian captain Virat Kohli did concede that he had been 'immature'  to feed on altercations and on-field fights to get "pumped up" to keep his "focus".

"Those were very immature things that I used to feed on in the early days of my career so that I could get pumped up and don't necessarily feel all that pressure and the focus is precise," Kohli said before the Indian team departed for Australia.

Australian cricket is going through an image makeover

Virat Kohli
File photo of Virat Kohli.Matt King/Getty Images

However, now former Australian quick Mitchell Johnson had picked on this and said: "I look forward to no Virat send-offs".

Interestingly, in the previous tour, there were quite a few heated altercations between Kohli and Johnson. Both players had a go at each other. The stage was set when Johnson hit Kohli on the helmet right in the first Test at the Adelaide Oval.

The Indian captain did hit back by peeling off four centuries in the series, but there was palpable tension between him and Johnson. These comments from Johnson comes even as Australian cricket is going through a purge in a bid to improve its image of being confrontational and nasty.

The term 'elite honesty' has been doing the rounds in Australia cricket and coach Justin Langer has explained that at the end of the day's play, the players should be able to look themselves in the mirror.

"You can lie to everyone else, but you can't lie to yourself. So that's elite honesty to yourself. And also, the Aussie way I know it is to look a bloke in the eye, look your sister or your mum in the eyes, and tell them the truth and be happy to get some truth back, so that's elite honesty," the coach said as an explanation of elite honesty.